View Full Version : $10 for Parking? A Trip to SFGam

07-26-2001, 12:19 PM
With my baseball game getting cancelled for no apparent reason, my mom and I decide to truck it to Great America starting at 5 from Milwaukee. We got there around 6. That leaves four hours of a surprisingly good time. Although, when I saw one of several things, I did get pretty angry.

Exhibit A: $10 parking. I got the lowdown from the money collector at the parking gate. Apparently they were losing half a million dollars a month by keeping the bill at $9, so they jacked it up to $10 this past month. So in one season, I believe it went from $8 to 9 to 10. I may be wrong, but that's pathetic no matter what you say.

Exhibit B: Getting pinned between two smokers in line for Raging Bull. This has got to stop. When the sign says no smoking, it means no smoking.

Exhibit C: Fastlane procedures for Iron Wolf. This really upsets me. Before Fastlane, right before you hit the station in line, there was the normal "Front row keep left, other rows keep right." Now Fastlane must go the right, and regulars to the left. This creates chaos in the regular line, which is narrower than Fastlane. What it boils down to is that the former front row line is being used for regular and front row. It gets worse if the Fastlane people want front row (Although I did not see this in action).

Exhibit D: Giant Drop. What's up with this thing? Several consecutive days of non-operation is not good. I wonder what's going on.

Besides these points . . .

Batman was great, the best it's ever been for me. Incredibly intense, fast, and well worth the semi-long wait.

Raging Bull was awesome, although it seems to go at a sluggish speed after riding Millennium Force. Great airtime as usual for the first drop.

Iron Wolf was splendid. I didn't bang my head once which is a miracle. That dip off the straight track is amazing. Yes, that is, there was airtime for a standup.

Shockwave was good, although I had to wait awhile for it. This ride just seems to lack any kind of oomph or intensity. But it was still enjoyable.

American Eagle was top-notch. Only complaint is that 1) we didn't race and 2) we pretty much stopped at the start of the helix.

Roaring Rapids was a walk-on. But it was 9:50 so what do you expect. The water was too cold, maybe it was just me.

So there you go. This park has amazing potential, as it already has great rides. If they just cleaned up the problems . . .

07-27-2001, 12:43 AM
strange, I went just a couple days earlier and parking was "only" $8. Charging ten dollars, That's just too expensive. it's ridiculous.

07-27-2001, 08:12 PM
Yeah, I was there last weekend (Luckly, I have season passes for the park and parking, so I was spared from fees) and GD was out. Whats up with that?