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07-26-2001, 12:42 PM
This was my first visit to MA . The weather was hot, humid and cloudy with showers threatining. My daughter and I arrived at the park shortly after 11 and saw workers on Shivering Timbers. That coaster is a monster. It is hard to imagine how far it stretches out and back. We checked in with our CP season passes and asked when ST would be open. One of the very nice employees checked for us and when she told us "5 minutes," we knew where we were heading first.

We arrived at ST and had the second or third train out of the station. We sat in the back and were surprised at how smooth and slow the ride was then (boy, did that change.) I was disappointed a bit when we got back into the station. As the day and the ride warmed up, ST got faster and the airtime became extreme. We rode every seat and on each one there is air. Our favorite car became the second. Tons of air with fewer bumps and bruises than in the back. There was a guy with a Phantom's Revenge shirt riding ST. I was wearing my Peanuts Magnum shirt. I told him I liked his shirt and he said he worked on Magnum and liked my shirt. We kept alternating trains so we didn''t get to talk until later. We did 10 laps in a row and headed to Wolverine Wildcat.

WW is a great ride. It is a Summers & Dinn, but it is nice and smooth with come interesting elements on the way back in. It also starts in a tunnel which is kind of unique. The line was a bit long compared to ST, but it was well worth the wait. The ride dispatcher guy was funny and everyone was having a good time. The strange thing was I didn't see any transfer track. We enjoyed one lap and headed toward the Corkscrew.

The most interesting thing about this coaster is the layout. It is a compact setup. You leave the station and immediately turn into the lifthill. The whole ride fits in a very small space. I am tall and the harnesses were short so was uncomfortable. I'm glad the ride time is short. Rode once, won't ride again. Off to Mad Mouse.

MM was the longest line of the day at nearly 25 minutes. It is my first Arrow Mad Mouse and was fun, thought I prefered the Mad Mouse at Dorney. We did a lap and headed for Zach's Zoomer.

ZZ is a 1/2 size CCI and it is the best kiddie coaster you'll find. It rides just like a full size ride with that same CCI goodness. The cars are small and it was a tight squeeze, but what a great ride to start your kids on. We got to ride it in the rain. MA is great because there is no height maximum on the kiddie coasters so we headed to the Big Dipper.

This is a Chance Gold Rusher family coaster. The last hill before the station is a bit painful for a tall guy. We rode twice because there had to be at least four people on the train and only 3 people got on.

We wandered the park a while and ended up re-riding Mad Mouse and WW and ZZ. The bulk of the rest of the day was spent riding Shivering Timbers. First the plan was to ride in each seat and then head to Muskegon for some pre-camp shopping for my daughter and then to Dog and Suds in Montegue for dinner. That changed to 15 rides, which became 6:30, which became 7:00. By this time we had around 25 laps. It is hard to keep track when you keep re-riding. We then met up with Corey, the Magnum rideop. We ended up riding with him the rest of the evening while he put in 50 laps and we ended up with somewhere near 40.The best ride was the last of the night. Corey got in his 50th and we went along for the (re)ride. We left the park and headed north about 15 minutes to the Dog and Suds drive-in in Montegue. What a great way to end one of my all time favorite coaster days.

The funniest part of the day was when an MA exec boarded ST's front car with a Cedar Fair exec while another CF tie waited on the platform. When they got back to the station I yelled "We want a hypercoaster!" and they chuckled. An employee later told me that the hypercoaster planned for the park was going to another park. It was supposed to be 210' tall with an tunnel at the bottom of going underground.

Formerly MForceRocks!

PS. I did 10 more ST laps the next day and will be back at the park this Saturday or Sunday for more bruises. :D

07-27-2001, 08:50 PM
Just so you know, MA is Massachusetts, not Michigan. Michigan is MI. Good trip report though! Makes me wanna go right now! Interesting, that thing about the hypercoaster...

07-28-2001, 05:25 PM
I think he meant MA- Michigan Adventure.

08-01-2001, 04:03 PM
40 Times on Shivering Timbers thats INSANE!!!!!
But I would do the same thing if I had the chance to.
The most I have done in a day was 18.
14 consectivally at Timbers Fest 2001

I think he did mean MA as Michigan Adventure.

08-01-2001, 09:56 PM
The reason why Wolverine Wildcat, Corkscrew, Big Dipper, and Zach's Zoomer don't have any transfer track is because the are the only trains for those rides. Mad Mouse and Shivering Timbers all have more than one car.

08-04-2001, 06:55 PM
Hmm...interesting about the hypercoaster. I think we just might now know the plans for KBF in 2002!!!

08-07-2001, 12:15 PM
Good trip report, but you forgot some stuff!
We rode ZZ during the first shower of the day. It's the only coaster I've ever ridden in the rain.
We also went putt-putt golfing at the putt-putt course, which was a fiasco. Around the 12th hole, it started raining. We really wanted to ride ST in the rain, so we abandoned the idea of finishing our game and ran over to ST. To our dismay, there was no rain on that end of the park! Just a few sprinkles.
Shortly after the Cedar Fair guys had ridden ST, we found a walkie-talkie bouncing around the bottom of the car on the back turnaround. My dad picked it up and shouted, "We have your walkie talkie on Shivering Timbers!" We didn't think it was the Cedar Fair guys's walkie talkie, though. Also, one guy lost his keys in the seat behind us. Some lady was riding it with her daughter. Around the third hill, she shouted, "I think I found something" and she pulled a set of car keys from beneath her.
After the walkie talkie incident, we rode Chaos! I'm not a flat ride fan, but it was ok. Imagine my surprise when I got a letter at camp from my mom informing me that Chaos fell down.
MA, or MIA or whatever you want to call it, is a decent park with tons of potential. It's biggest problems are lack of restroom facilities (you can never have enough) and line jumping. The first time, it was tolerable, but by the 8th or 9th incident, it became really frustrating (as you can imagine).
Go there if you can: it's well worth the $5 parking fee, and the $20 admission (if you're not a Cedar Fair season pass holder).