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Blast Coaster
07-26-2001, 06:43 PM
Arrived just after 10:00 and proceeded past the HUGE crowd of non-season pass holders waiting at the front gate. It was immediately back to Batwing. After my first ride last time, I must say that Batwing somewhat dissapointed my expections. Keep in mind that that ride came after standing around in the heat for an hour and a half, being forced to ride in the third row of the train and the top restraints being PINNED and bottom half going atleast half-foot too far not into place.
Well, this time, I got on with just over a FIVE minute wait AND got to sit, or rather, lie, in the front row. One train only was still operating with both of the others appearantly ready to go. The lift this time was the loudest in the park compared to last time when all except the peak of the lift was completely silent. I had heard that it didn't matter which row you ride, but I have to say, the front was MUCH MUCH better than the third. First of all, the first flip was incredible as always and the flying sensation was very truely there. With the top of the restraint loose and the bottom fully into place, I had none of the trouble with nearly slipping out and was able to extend my arms. Also, the middle rows are blocked by those in front from the wind. In the front, everything is perfect, let me just say again, it feels EXACTLY like flying without assistance, but better. Now, last time I found there to be a bit too many G's in the Loop. This time, the G's were distributed PERFECTLY with great air at the top. The Double-Spin is the only part of the ride which I still think could be improved. When flipping from below the track to above, you somewhat drop from the restraint and into the seat several times. If sped up more, this element would be near perfection. But then, perhaps the best finale on a coaster ever, the helix is INCREDIBLE, the G's, smoothness, and what X-Flight, from what I've seen lacks, coming so close to the ground. Not to mention the great flip onto the brakes. I have raised Batwing on my top five coasters now to:

#1 - Volcano
#2 - S:RoS, SFA
#3 - Batwing
#4 - Loch Ness Monster
#5 - Laser

Next coaster was S:RoS. The cause of the blue train down is what appeared to be wheel maintenance. There were 18 non-Road Wheels sitting next to the train along with some wheel axels. I got a second-row ride, IMO, equally as good as the front due to the tiered design. I was able to go this time with the lap bar about 8" loose and, nothing can compare to that great Camelback #2 airtime, and the straightaway just before it is even enjoyable IMO speeding ahead and then hitting the hump.

Then it was off to Roar after a refreshing Icee, especially so in the weather that it was. For a while, the ride seemed to be lacking some maintenance, but now it is nearly as good as in it's opening year, a little loud thought. I couldn't resist a second ride on my #1 woodie.

Also, I got in some rides on some flats. The only rides down the entire day were Rodeo, Sky Escaper and Penguin's Polar Express with some others down temporarily.

Now, onto the improvements, some as always, since my last visit. First of all, there is a new fries stand replacing the small drinks stand over next to Krypton Comet. The path for the future Batwing plaza looks to be built as much as it will be for awhile. There was a small, square metal frame over by S:RoS's brake run. Looks to be for a new path-covering. One looked to be missing from the exit to Superman. Also, the S-logo at the entrance to the S:RoS path was trimmed for the first time I've been there this year. And, also, I was very glad that the Gotham and Superman soundtracks were playing this time, they truely create a great themed atmosphere although those darn Gotham Games should be muted. I'll try to get another visit to SFA soon (another Tuesday for the great Batwing waits!), once again, great time at the park and I just can't put into words how much I loved Batwing this time!

<img src="http://coasternet.danimation.com/srossfa10.jpg">

07-26-2001, 06:47 PM
Nice pic of Superman, did you take it?

Blast Coaster
07-27-2001, 07:44 PM
Originally posted by The_Evil_Tediz
Nice pic of Superman, did you take it?

Thanks! Yes, I have atleast five on-rides of all of SFA's coasters and soon Batwing. I'm going to have them all uploaded to my site soon.