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07-27-2001, 04:34 PM
I'm not sure, I think this might have been brought up, before after scrolling through the many forums, I've seen many MANY duplicate topics. However, many users seem to still want to post there own topic. Would it be possible to have a "Six Flags Inc." or a "Cedar Fair" and then an "independent" forum which could include parks lsuch as Hershey. It just seems that so many of these parks appear over and over again in many fourms, why not give people a forum where they can post all the rumors and news they want about the parks, and no completely crowd up the "American Parks" or "Park Rumors" pages.

Jsut a suggestion, I myself am not sure of all the details, but just thought I'd run it by you guys.

Thanks for your time

Andy Hodgson
07-27-2001, 05:02 PM
this was brought up earlier
and George Burnash said that
if you were to give SF or CF their own forum then other ppl will say, why not give so and so their own forum and its not fair!

07-27-2001, 06:01 PM
Well that was the idea for the indpendent forum, in that littler chains/parks could have their own topics inside the general independent fourm. Also, Cedar Fair forum would include the Cedar Fair parks (CP, Doreny, KBF, etc.), and the Six Flags one would contain all the Six Flags parks inlcuding waterparks and such. If you broke it down that way instead of just a Cedar Point of Six Flags MM forums, you include many more parks, and the ones not covered, again, would go into the independent forum.
Forums (just ideas, ill prolly miss some bigger parks)

-Cedar Fair (CP, Dorney, KBF, Watercountry, Soak City, etc.)

-Six Flags Inc (all Six Flags parks and waterparks, too many to list)

-Paramount (Carowinds, PKD, PKI)

-Disney (DisneyWorld, DisneyLand, California Adv, and possibly foreign parks)


-Busch (Wiliamsburg, Tampa, Sea World, Sesame Place)

-Independent (HersheyPark, Dutch Wonderland, Morey Piers, etc.)

Its just a suggestion, if you go through American Parks, and the rumors boards you'll understand what I'm talking about.


07-27-2001, 06:07 PM
Just check out the trips forum and you'll see what I mean, they have it broken down. That's all I was thinking to have it something like that.