View Full Version : SFGAdv 7/28

07-29-2001, 12:48 AM
hey! i went to great adventure today w/ my 3 friends. it was ok but not the best trip. we got there around 5 and headed to medusa but the line was like and hour and a half so we got out of line after 2 minutes or so... we waited about 30 min for rolling thunder... not too bad but it gave me a headache :( then we went on dino island... about 45 - 60 min wait... last coaster was nitro the best! we waited for a lil over an hour. we sat second to last row, none of my friends wanted to ride the last row, but it was still great :) one of my friends who is a guy didn't have a good experience tho cuz he pulled his lap bar down too far and he was not to happy but that lol after that we got food... we were waiting in line for mcdonalds and then the girl started cursing them off and me and my friends started laughing and then the girl started following us when we decided to leave and we had quite a nice time doing so lol we ended up just gettin mozzerella sticks and fries from some place... then we watched the firework show which i found corny and then we left...