View Full Version : Silver Dollar City TR: Crowded

08-07-2001, 01:53 PM
I went to SDC on Monday the 6th.

Silver Dollar City is a great park with good theming and some good rides, but I had never been in the summer, and I finally got to go on Monday. I showed up at the park expecting no one to be there, but it was CROWDED! All of the rides, except for the kiddie rides had about an hour wait. Since I had to go back to KC that night, we left around 3:00. I only rode three rides. We arrived at the park when it opened and I headed directly for Wildfire.

B&M sitdown looper
This ride had about an hour wait in the morning but it grew shorter to about 15 min. in the afternoon, but I only went through the queue 2 times, so my sister could ride with me. I wouldn't have minded the long lines though because the queue has excellent theming. But, because it has a single rider line, I rarely waited over 5 minutes. As luck had it, my first ride was in the front. Let me say Wildfire is awesome. The trains are one of the best parts of the ride, your feet cannot touch the floor. It makes a short dip and a 180 degree turn out of the station. It then goes up the 155 ft. lift hill. In the front, it gives an awesome view. It then turns left and drops hard. It goes into an Immelman, a vertical loop, a Cobra roll, a corkscrew, and a spiral before it ends. It is a pretty short ride and I would have given it a 4/5, but then I got a ride in the back seat. WOW! Going down that first drop in the back seat is amazing. It throws you up against the OTSR and you can straighten your legs out and it feels like you are free-falling. Overall, it is a short ride, but the drop makes up for the length.
Over the course of the day, I got in 17 rides, the last in the back seat. I give it a 5/5.

Lost River of the Ozarks
Raft Ride
This is a pretty good whitewater raft ride, I got wetter than anyone else on my raft, but I wasn't soaked. It was okay, but I really don't get anything out of riding these rides. I give it a 3/5.

Fire in the Hole
Indoor Coaster
FITH is a cool indoor coaster that takes you by a burning city before going down a couple hidden dips. The last dip splashes down into water. It is not a very thrilling ride, but the theming is neat and the dips catch first time riders by surprise. I give it a 4/5.

As I said earlier, The lines were long and most of them were an hour longer. I was in line for BuzzSaw Falls when it broke down, so I left the line and went to ThuNderaTion. I waited for about 30 min. when they decided to add a second train. I waited another 15 min. and saw the station was packed like a can of sardines and it would have been another hour wait, so I left the line. I would have liked to ridden both of these coasters, but the lines were unbearable.

I went and bought some excellent taffy and fudge before I headed home. My day was about a 3/5 with the long lines. Silver Dollar City is a great park with excellent theming, great food, and beautiful landscaping. I rate the park a 5/5. If the lines were shorter, the day would have been great.