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05-11-2001, 06:24 PM
Under the "Worst Six Flags Park", (which Elitch Gardens got a lot of votes for) a request for suggestions on how to fix the park was made.
<BR>Gruoped by cost:
<BR>1) Paint arrows or lines on floor of Mind Eraser's loading station so people don't get into the wrong seat. The train stops too far back, and gates open forward, so most people in the middle of the train end up a row ahead of where they are supposed to be. This game of musical chairs happens on about every 2nd or 3rd boarding.
<BR>2) Add another employee to Twister so they dont have to remove a train so someone can get a break. Guest satisfation soars when ride with a 5-10 minute wait instead of an hour+ wait.
<BR>3) Put a second sheet of plywood on the underside of the roof joists in the bathrooms. It looks WAY beyond junky to look up and see the roofing nails sticking out of the ceiling. While they are at it, they may want to consider tile on the floors, and a substance other than cinder block for walls.
<BR>4) Fix the swampy, murky, mud hole under twister II. The river is only 50 yards away. How hard would it be to put in a real drainage system, some sprinklers, grass and a few trees.
<BR>5) The pond under Boomerang should contain water, not a couple feet of dead leaves.
<BR>6) Have Total Tower open more often. I've been to the park a lot, but have never seen it open (though rumor says it is open once in a while).
<BR>1) Take out Sidewinder, and sell it for scrap. (Even with VERY low capacity there is never a line. That is because it is lame!) Move the entrance/exit of the rapids ride to near the swinging ship. Take out the pizza place/spider/trioka. Now we have a big open area by the Batman stunt show.
<BR>We then move the SLC into that empty space, and dress the trains up as the Batmobile or something. Move Batwing swing ride over there too. Maybe even leave Troika and/or Spider but theme them to be Gotham related. (wow, look, we have a themed land instead of a batman ride across the park from the batman show, between a 50s hollywood Diner and a non-themed SLC)
<BR>2) Retrack Twister II a bit to get some air time. If we have to keep Sidewinder, move it over here. Seems to be room for it behind Shake, Rattle n' Roll.
<BR>3) Take out a big chunk (if not all) of the picknick grounds. Put in a good steel custom (B&M floorless?) coaster where Mind Eraser, Wester Round Up, Stagecoach Mercintile, Batwing, picknick grounds currently stand. Theme the whole area to the 50s.
<BR>4) Theme the back half of the park tothe old west. Shipwreck Falls, the swinging ship, the raft rides, Boomerang, Tower of Doom, and even Twister could all be made to look Old Western.
<BR>Dreamland ideas(one of, not all of these):
<BR>1) Buy a couple hundred acres away from downtown, and pack up and move again....
<BR>2) Buy the Pepsi Center parking lot. Build a 4-6 story parking garage on a small portion of it, build 3-4 bridges over the train tracks, and expand back that way.
<BR>3) Buy Ocean Journey, build bridges over the river, include Ocean Journey admission in admission to SFEG. Take the current Ocean Journey parking lot, and sourouning area, and build a sea/ocean themed area. (but you have to include a big custom coaster)

Alex Curavo
05-24-2001, 12:34 PM

Swimming King
05-24-2001, 03:01 PM
You forgot about the water park. Tear out the water park,put a Flying Dutchman in the vacant space. They should also buy that small lot just west of the park. Tear out the total tower.Put 4 S&S towers in it's place. Tear out the side winder. Put either a premier LIM/LSM shuttle coaster or an Intamin Impulse coaster.Buy the Pepsi Center parking lot, build the 6 story perking garage. Tear out the park's parking lot, and build a Morgan Hyper, and a B&M floorless. Ocen Jorney is getting into finacal trouble. So buy it, do the bridge thing, and and put a B&M inverted coaster that goes back and forth across the Platte River.

05-24-2001, 04:19 PM
It wont happen, Six Flags totally neglects that park. Six Flags is too busy giving its good parks new rides to give coasters to Elich Gardens

05-24-2001, 05:36 PM
My idea:
<BR>no moving option--->
<BR>1. Tear down the SLC and Boomerang.
<BR>2. Put in a Pinfari compact inverted.
<BR>3. Put in a Pinfari Breathless compact sit-down looper
<BR>4. Put in an Intamin Impulse coaster.
<BR>moving option--->
<BR>1. Move to a bigger lot.
<BR>2. Start everything from scratch, new rides.

05-24-2001, 05:48 PM
I don't see anything happening to EG, at least not significant enough to even point the park in the right direction. I don't think Elitch Gardens is going to survive much longer. I know that sounds terribly pessimistic, but SF is busy giving their spoiled parks more coasters.

Yankee Cannonball
05-24-2001, 05:53 PM
I think that these ideas are fantastic. Too bad we'll never see them become reality. It sounds like you've put a lot of thought into this, dshimel. Have you thought of sending this to Six Flags? It's doubtful that they'd do anything, but maybe they'd spend a measly couple thousand to clean up the bathrooms and do the other small stuff.

05-24-2001, 09:05 PM
Seriously, why don't they just scrap the park, giving the good rides to other parks, there is no reason to keep this park, it disgraces and deteriorates the Six Flags chain.

05-24-2001, 10:22 PM
Fix Up the Park and add asmall compact coaster somewhere. That would be as much money SF would invest in Elich Gardens For a year then a B&M floorless nex to Mind Eraser and have dip down into the river in the first drop. That should get many more people too elich Gardens

05-25-2001, 12:47 PM
When Elitches moved, they completely turned their backs on the history of the old park. Other than the fact that the name was the same, there was absolutely no sense that the new park had any connection to the old one. They tore down one hundred years of history, and replaced it with an off-the-shelf, corporate mentality, generic theme park. This, more than anything, contributed to the lackluster gate admissions that put Elitches in dire financial straits, and forced the sale to Six Flags. And talk about your corporate mentality...
<BR>If only they had purchased the property on both sides of the railroad tracks down there, when they first moved. That would have been a seriously big park, with plenty of room to throw up new rides. Now they're boxed in by the Pepsi Center with no hope of expansion, and little hope of improvement (although cleaning the fricking restrooms would at least be a step in the right direction!)
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