View Full Version : Coastermania anyone?

05-11-2001, 08:37 PM
Who here is going to hit Coastermania @ CP June 1st???

05-13-2001, 09:21 AM
I am. I'm arriving there in cleveland area on May 30 and departing 6/3. I will be also hitting six flags & PKI

05-13-2001, 10:29 AM
I am hoping it isn't packed that day. I have never been to Coastermania and heard that many schools often go to CP this day as well. Oh well, sounds like it will be a blast even if it is busy.

05-13-2001, 09:34 PM
From what I understand last year there was approximately 12,000 people there. I don't know if this is to scare some people away.

Alex Curavo
05-23-2001, 01:54 PM
Does anyone know about Gemeni 100 right after coastermania. It is June 11. For more info go to <!-- BBCode auto-link start --><a href="http://www.spiritofthepoint.com" target="_blank">www.spiritofthepoint.com</a><!-- BBCode auto-link end -->

05-30-2001, 11:09 PM
I will be there......this will be my first Coastermania. I heard it's suppossed to rain, but who cares? <IMG SRC="/phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif">
<BR>Tina N.