View Full Version : Forget improving DCA - it is time for something big at Disneyland!

05-15-2001, 11:50 AM
It seems like the disappointment of DCA has brought only the hopes that it will quickly improve with the addition of a major attraction or two.
<BR>However, I am really hoping that Disneyland is next. The last major attraction at the park was Indy. Then there was the Tomorrowland renovation which was a cool facelift, but failed to bring us anything spectacular.
<BR>Now that the Rocket Rods are being pulled for certain, it is time to revitalize Disneyland in some major way. It is time for a big, new attraction.
<BR>There are so many attractions at Disneyland that could make way for something new and incredible. Walt said Disneyland would never be finished, but lately, it's almost like the park IS finished. They aren't making room for progress. It is time for something new to revitalize Disneyland!!!
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05-15-2001, 12:10 PM
Disney (the company) has really swayed from Walt's dream. Paridise Pier is completely unthemed against Walt's theory! If Disney could just get back on the right track!

05-15-2001, 02:03 PM
I went on the Disney.com website and sent them an e-mail. Everyone is starting to say the same things.
<BR>It's not only the parks in California, but the parks in Florida are also lacking.
<BR>Think about the rides in Orlando, to go on them, you have to visit FOUR parks. Wanna ride a roller coaster and drop ride? Then you must visit MGM. Wanna ride a water rapids ride? Gotta goto AK. Wanna ride a log flume ride, mine train, and kiddie coaster? Magic Kingdom. Test Track? Epcot. See, 4 parks to do the same kind of rides you can get at IOA, in one park, and the ones at IOA are so much better. The only park any thrill fans would want to visit would be MGM, but to do it, you will spend $48, because there are no discounts. They expect you to buy 4 day passes. And yes, I know about the special Florida thing for $100.
<BR>I don't think they're gonna change. Eisner thinks his "Magic" will never run out. Well, guess what, it has. They need some new thrill rides at MGM. Leave the kid stuff over at MK, and put some real coasters in MGM, or build a new thrill ride park and get it correct this time.

05-15-2001, 02:42 PM
MGM isn't going to be that anymore - once the MGM affiliated section of the park is removed, I was told that they plan to add Indiana Jones Temple Adventure (better than DL), a water ride themed to one of the Disney movies.... the GMR is to also be removed for another type of attraction - plus, I also heard about an update to Star Tours - adding a second show or something like that.
<BR>yes, Eisner has completely taken away Walt's original plans, but I really hope that he straightens up because I really don't see a need for so many bloody kid attractions at MK - yes it is a kid's fantacy, but the adults would LOVE to enjoy it there as well!!!
<BR>Thrill park - would we want a thrill park based on "Tarzan" and other animated movies vs. Dragons and dinosaurs???

coaster man098
05-15-2001, 03:40 PM
i do agree that WDL needs a new attraction, but don't worry, the'll get one soon enough. i'm guessing both WDL and DCA will get major improvements within the next 3 years. as for the 3rd disney park in california, its anybodys guess but my guess is possibly a water park

05-15-2001, 05:26 PM
Before adding a third park to the DL Resort they should probably fix the one they just made.

Jonathan Gelert
05-16-2001, 11:30 AM
Absolutely. Eisner saved Disney when he became CEO, but things have gone downhill from there.

Sir Willow
05-16-2001, 03:17 PM
Eisner "saved" Disney because he is a major penny pincher who won't spend any money unless he sees a profit coming from it. In his effort to save money the maintainance departments at the Disney parks have been cut, skilled workers let go, and now they are laying off management and pretty much anyone that has been with the company for a while (see mousetales.com or mouseplanet for details) As long as Eisner and his cronies are in place we'll continue to see the steady decline of the Disney parks and their original goals.