• Six Flags Magic Mountain to dismantle two roller coasters

    Six Flags Magic Mountain, known for its hair-raising lineup of*thrill rides is pending the dismantling of two roller coaster attractions*-- Flashback and Psyclone.

    Flashback, a steel coaster featuring multiple steep roll-over dives, has carried over 8.9 million guests since it opened in April 1992.

    Psyclone, a wooden coaster replica of the famous Coney Island Cyclone in New York, has carried over 17.1 million guests since its inception in March 1991.

    "They're both being taken off the park map this year, and it's for future park expansion. We're always looking to add areas of the park that appeal to a wide audience," said Sue Carpenter, a spokeswoman for Six Flags Magic Mountain.

    After it's dismantled, Flashback may be re-assembled somewhere else at Magic Mountain, but it won't be operating this year, Carpenter said. Psyclone will be smashed and scrapped within four weeks, she said.

    But at a park known for the latest and greatest in thrillride technology, the aged Flashback and Psyclone coasters*won't be missed much by thrill addicts.

    X,*a*coaster*that pitches its*riders backward and forward in their seats even as it completes chilling drops, is also currently*closed.*However, the*ride is undergoing routine maintenance and is set to re-open February 3, Carpenter said.

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