• July 2011 NoLimits SpeedZone contest

    ThrillNetwork 2011 No Limits Contest


    Winner receives $50 Gift Certificate to their local park. In the case the winner’s local park does not have this option; the prize will be $50 for Amazon.com

    Design a Looping Steel coaster with at least 6 inversions
    · Must be able to run 2 trains (3 trains earns 1 bonus point).

    · Must have 6 inversions (1 bonus point new style inversion that would be able to work in real life).

    · Must have a lift hill that is at least 100 feet tall with a max of 200 feet. If using a launched design an element must cross the 100 foot mark and be no more than 200 feet.

    · Must be able to make it through the course without help of extra launches or lift hills.

    · Coaster must have quality smoothness as it goes through the track (no sudden a jerk of the train as it goes along) brake runs and lift hills must be straight and true.

    · A Mid-Course Brake Run is allowed

    · G-Forces must not go into the red. Points will be deducted in this category if they do. ( 1 set of trims will be allowed to help curve this)

    · Supports are a must on all designs. They must be straight and feasible as if they were to be built in real life. If the track or train runs into a support your design will lose points.

    · As with all coasters, come up with a great name and theme to go with your coaster BE CREATIVE!

    v Meeting Criteria 10 points from each judge
    Ř Does the design meet the requirements of the contest
    § Lift height 100ft-200ft or element above 100 ft but not higher than 200 ft
    § 2 train minimum
    § 6 Inversion minimum
    § Coaster has supports, evenly spaced and straight.
    § Smooth
    § G-Forces are in check and out of red (Use the trims to combat this)

    Ř Designs that have a train that DOES NOT make it through the course will be eliminated

    After the judging of all tracks has been tabulated and all judges put in their results, the top 5 designs with the most points will go on to the voting round. Voting will begin Friday July 29th and run through August 4th at 7 pm EST. The winner will be announced that night on August 4th.

    v One entry per contestant

    v Designs are to be uploaded to SpeedZone and post made to the contest thread with your member name and track name and file.
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    1. 89magnumxl200 -
      Well it's about time. This should be fun.
    1. Katie -
      Yeah sorry about the long wait! We are blasting back into gear!
    1. Tanks4me05 -
      No Newton? And we HAVE to use a trim, thus ****ing the ride of its potential? Not joining.
    1. Katie -
      Doesn't the rules say you need a mid-course? It doesn't say you need to trim anything. It states to use it to curve G forces. The whole point is to do it without help building rides. What's the point of using a tool. That doesn't expand your building skills.
    1. Steven -
      Imma build me one and submit it for the heck of it. It's gonna be cool.
    1. dcs221 -
      The point of using tools is to make the best roller coaster in the most realistic way possible. It doesn't improve your *hand* building skills, but it can improve your coaster building skills. Notice I said "can." That was intentional, because one must be able to control the program just as they would No Limits in order to produce quality work. Instead of drawing interest to the site, banning the use of tools from the contest alienates a lot of people, will likely result in subpar entries, and could hint that the coaster design "scene" here is behind the times. Just my thoughts though based on my experience.
    1. Jeff -
      This is one of our first contest of hopefully many to come. I chose not to include tools at this time to give everyone a fair shot at the prize. As we go along with these contest, we will review things that worked or didn't work and revise the rules for future contest. So please participate this time and later down the road we might have contest that users can use tools as well.
    1. Katie -
      I don't see how this one little rule is making people sound like ungrateful children. Seriously, how many websites do you see out there offering a contest right now, with a decent prize? I don't. You all wanted SZ back, you got it back and no one really uses it. We put up a contest that has some rules so its fair for everyone and you all whine....

      Seriously, you can't just throw a track into a contest and expect to get the prize. You have to work at it a bit. The whole point of this is to TRY it. Not be crabby and whiny. If you are going to be like that, why are you here?

      You all are almost all adults and you have had this program for years (I assume that most of you have) and you are yapping that you can't use a cheating tool? Are you kidding me? You all might want to go back and read what you all posted. This can be the first and last contest we have seeing as we have so many people that seem to know about NoLimits but can't use it.
    1. BBSpeed26 -
      § No use of Newton or any other Tool that helps perfect a design

      Oh good, I don't have to shoot for perfection. Wait... isn't that... something to be encouraged?

      Banning tools isn't leveling the playing field... those with more experience are still going to be able to produce better tracks than n00bs drawn in by the cash reward. The rules seem to be needlessly limiting the quality of submitted tracks AND alienating experienced designers who prefer the precision and realism offered by tools (perfection and realism that is, mind you, objectively unobtainable without them).

      Besides, as soon as this is said:

      As with all coasters, come up with a great name and theme to go with your coaster BE CREATIVE!
      ...the "level playing field" argument becomes moot.

      We're expected to theme it? Unless I'm reading this wrong, the rules explicitly haven't forbidden environment editing and/or .3ds modeling. So basically, we're punished for being skilled with *some tools* (AHG, Newton, Elementary), but skills with 3DStudio Max, Anim8or, the Object Creator, Photoshop, the Environment Editor etc. are rewarded? Does that take into account that some people (especially those new to the scene), will have absolutely no clue about any of those?

      It has nothing to do with whining or effort, and to suggest that tools=cheating is laughable. Intamin, B&M, Maurer et. al. use force-based and geometry based design... no one (no, not even classic Arrow or Schwarzkopf) uses beziers. I don't understand the desire to cling to and reward an outdated, unrealistic building methodology. Plus, Newton/Elementary/AHG/Purg/etc. are freely available tools that require some *effort* to learn - the same effort that would otherwise go towards learning "hand shaping" with beziers. If you don't want to use them, that's fine, but knowledge of FVD and advanced design methods shouldn't be punished in the same way that years of practice handbuilding shouldn't be rewarded.

      At any rate, the playing field doesn't seem very level to me, and waving $50 at us doesn't mean we should (or will) hush up and play along.

      Oh, and re: trims - a judging criteria is:

      § 1 set of trims (MCBR does not count toward this)

      Does this trim actually have to bleed any speed? I'll point out that (Intamin notwithstanding), most non-MCBR trims aren't designed to bleed speed - they exist to make sure a coaster running at or below a desired speed at a given point in a ride. So, on an NL coaster where the environment is idealized and non-variable, a non-MCBR trim brake should never engage, since proper design would mean that the train is always at the target speed...
    1. Joe R -
      The use of newton, ahg, elementary is a shortcut. We want to see proper skill for this contest. I use newton at times and I can safely say it is a ***** of a program to use, but anyone can create a smooth ride through that. We arent outright banning them from all contests, but for this one.I know this is an epic tragedy for some of you, but you are blowing this out of proportion. We arent enabling anyone or giving free handers an advantage.Now, the trim is basically used as a block circuit to say the coaster has passed a point in the coaster in which the launch of a second train is able to go without any form of delay from either the MCBR block or the station.Theme...if the ride is ****, the ride is ****. No amount of themeing is going to give anybody that extra point chunk (Jeff, correct me on if I am wrong here) to get you first place. It is encouraged, NOT a requirement, to include .3ds files so long as you know how to use them properly. As far as theming goes, gives me a name with proper colors track, support, layout of ride, terrain and train color and you have a theme.
    1. Joe R -
      Sorry for double post, will fix when I get home. Mobile browser doesnt allow editing of posts apparently.Anywho, I am on a few other sites and they have run contests that prohibit the use of tools for them. They havent had one in a while (any kind of contest it seems), but they do hold contests for hand builders only for the same reasons you newton users cite.Also, Ive seen amazing work (aka, perfectly made) rides done through hand building alone, just as I have seen amazing newton coasters as well. it is all about skill (or lack there of).
    1. Katie -
      I for one don't even play NoLimits. In my personal opinion I think the game is great for simulation, but for people that aren't in the business to build rides that will never exist makes me shake my head. I don't personally care for the game and don't even know what half of what you all are talking about.

      All I see is whining because you have to work during a contest. Are you being forced to enter? No. You don't have to enter. But, don't get all wishy washy because we actually ask you to use some skill.Some of you are being outright ridiculous. If you don't want the prize, don't enter the contest. But don't go around bashing the rules either. The rules are what the guys running speedzone are using. If you can't take a little extra time to hand build in the game, why do you play it?
    1. SPbrah -
      What you ThrillNetwork people don't understand is tools are NOT cheating in any way. You HAVE to know what you are doing to create proper elements with correct shaping and realism. You can't just plug numbers and chug. Just because you and other people don't understand doesn't mean you should "ban" the use of tools from your contest. Ultimately the users ability comes through no matter what form of building technique they use.Yeah, you might be the only site running a contest with a cash prize right now (well other sites have prizes too) if you want to make yourselves notable in the No Limits community then banning tools is a simply retarded idea. That makes you more laughable than anything...no wonder this site's quality has never been that great. Enjoy the poor entries built by money seeking users.

      "The whole point is to do it without help building rides. What's the point of using a tool. That doesn't expand your building skills." - Katie

      That is the worst comment in the entire thread. Tools don't help you do anything. You, as the builder and thinker, tell the program what to make for you. The point is to make the best SIMULATION (No Limits is a simulator, you know) as possible. Do you think actual designers use their hands to place nodes? No. They are all done with math. Just because some people can't do math doesn't mean every one else in the NL community should be punished.

      "The use of newton, ahg, elementary is a shortcut. We want to see proper skill for this contest." - Joe R.

      You couldn't be more wrong. And you say you've seen perfect work from hand building? That's bull*******. It's impossible. It's virtually impossible for someone using math to build a ride to create a perfect ride. You just don't know what you're talking about. There are some people that are very good and can stand up to those that use proper design techniques but what's the point if you don't even let everyone participate in the contest. Haha....

      Everyone that shuns the use of tools is just doing it because they're mad they can't. And don't tell me that's not the case because if you could use tools you would. You might make the choice to hand built, but in that scenario you still respect those that also made a choice to build using formulas and such. Oh ThrillNetwork, how laughable you are. Tools aren't unfair...it's unfair that humans exist that can't understand a simple idea.
    1. Katie -
      Just because I am a nice person I have revised rules. You can use Newton.Those of you who *****ED like children that you couldn't YOU BETTER ENTER a RIDE into the contest. I don't have to revise the rules, I chose too. Now you all need to stop whining and enter. The deadline has also been pushed back a few days due to an issue of uploads with our system. If you have a problem with that, feel free to whine now.....
    1. BBSpeed26 -
      Maybe. I don't appreciate being called a child in all caps, especially when my points were reasoned and logical, based on years of experience with programs that you yourself said that you don't use.

      Regardless... further rule questions:

      Did we answer that trim question from my initial post? Was that we *must* include trims or we can have 1 at most (i.e. as a dummy block for a launch as suggested above... though it says we must have a lift hill and no launch so... which is it?). If must include trim, must said trim actually bleed speed from the train?

      Also, some clarification: When you say "Design a Looping Steel coaster with at least 6 inversions," does that mean a coaster with inversions that is not wooden, or does that mean that we are explicitly to use the Schwarzkopf-style steel looper?
    1. Katie -
      I'll leave that answer to our speedzone staff. I'm pretty sure the trim is in case G's go into the red. No one said you couldn't use a launch, just no more than one.

      Must be able to make it through the course without help of extra launches or lift hills.

      ^I thought that was pretty explanatory. ^ extra means more than one right?
    1. SPbrah -
      ^^ It doesn't say we have to use a certain track style, so I think any steel coaster will do as long as it has 6 inversions.
    1. Katie -
      Any brand of steel coaster is accepted into the contest. It doesn't have to be Schwarzkopf if you don't want it to be. This means you can use Intamin, B&M sit down, looping, floorless, dive machine, Schwarzkopf, Gerstlauer....uhhh I can't think of anything else off the top of my head.
    1. BBSpeed26 -
      ^^^Since we're required to also use a lift hill...

      "Must have a lift hill that is at least 100 feet tall with a max of 200 feet."

      ...no, I wouldn't have assumed that one launch was OK. But thanks for the clarification.

      Also the "the trim is in case G's go into the red" makes no sense... I'll wait for SZ staff clarification on that one.

      Finally - when is the upload deadline? Is it just... before the voting begins, so by the end of Monday the 27th?
    1. 89magnumxl200 -
      You know, You were right the first time Katie. All this whining about using tools is ridiculous. It's like a student complaining that they aren't allowed to use a calculator for a math test, or having to hand write a report instead of typing it. Sure those tools are there to use, but sometimes, you just have to follow the damn rules.