• Looking for Regional Reps and Editors

    ThrillNetwork.com is looking to expand our media and news coverage as well as our database.

    What we want to know is would you as a member want to be a regional representative of the site? This would mean covering media days, news in your area, local park guru and would be in charge of updating those parks in the database.

    We would even consider just your home park if you can't travel around much in the region.

    Some duties would include:

    -Attending media days (when applicable)
    -Writing about media day. This would include picture taking and videography (this can only be done with park permission and not necessarily on-ride).
    -Writing news stories about your region or local park.
    -Updating the database with new rides, existing rides, timeline, SBNO, construction

    If you are interested, please send me a write up of any amusement park story/special feature via email and we can discuss it further. This duty would require you to log in to the site frequently and participate and sometimes lead discussions of your parks.

    Make sure when you do your write-ups they look nice and no internet short cuts when typing. I want to see your style and grammar skills!
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    1. Dalee4lifefan -
      I wish i could do this. But my work hours may not allow me to.
    1. Wes -
      Just to give you guys an idea, most parks do their media days during the middle of the week early in the day normally.
    1. 89magnumxl200 -
      Well, if I had a car (and didn't have severe social anxiety), I'd jump all over this.
    1. tiburonjelle -
      Are you guys also looking for someone in europe? I'm from europe, belgium and i'm willing to do this but i don't know if there is an interest for it?
    1. Katie -
      We can always use more European stuff! I don't have any park contacts over that way though. It would be harder to get you into media days. If you are willing to do news and help upkeep the database, I would be more than happy for you to help out!