• Man blinded after riding Dragon Challenge

    A man was blinded in one eye after riding the Dragon Challenge roller coaster at Universal's Islands of Adventure on Sunday. Carlos Montalvo rode the roller coaster and returned to the station in pain with blood on his face and unable to see out of his right eye. After an extensive inspection, Universal was unable to find a cause of the accident.

    Dragon Challenge is a dueling inverted roller coaster that opened in 1999. Able to choose between two separate tracks, there are three close encounters with the other train. Dragon Challenge is one of the few inverted roller coasters that has both a minimum and maximum height limit.

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    1. steel -
      Well that's new.
    1. PANTSFREE -
      Just to clarify this wasn't Sunday the 7th of August but rather last Sunday (July 31st I believe). The only things that I can possibly imagine causing this incident was a lose article coming free and striking the man in the face, something coming into the ride area and striking him in the face, or finally he self-inflicted somehow as an attempt to get some cash in a settlement (last one being a theory that assumes the absolute worst of people). Given those scenarios there's no reason you can blame the ride or park at all. I'm curious if we'll learn more about his injuries (if he was injured by the blunt force of something hitting him for example) and get closure as to how this happened.
    1. coasterlove -
      In one article I read, I think he mentioned it was near or when one of the moments of coming into close contact with the other track. I'd hate to think that someone may have thrown an item from the ride as a joke and this caused the injury. People do stupid stuff without thinking of the possible consequences. Worse, if that's what happened, the person who did that might not even know the results of what they did. Of course, assuming that's what happened. It might be a good idea to place a screen between the tracks so no loose items could cause injuries like this. Traveling at fast speeds, the screen would barely be noticeable but could afford them some safety measure.
    1. Leo C -
      I can't stand this random cruelty if it's that. It's just like graffiti. I cheer for the various Department of Transportation to get it covered up and then the kids go at it again. When am I am going to hear on the news the artists lose to gravity?
    1. Tanks4me05 -
      My first thought was he was diabetic, and the forces of the ride were too much for his eyes (already intense blood pressure) but then I read the article again and it said blood on his face... that sounds more like an impact. But the thing is he would have noticed that something hit him so he should have said that to the ride operators or whoever.
    1. Coug -
      Oddly that's one of my favorite rides, originally Dueling Dragons before the Harry Potter renovation. I'd guess it could have been any number of objects truthfully, anything at speed is a danger. Coins, keychains, bugs, small souvenirs.
    1. Rick B -
      I suspect that it wasn't anything intentional that somebody did. It was purely something random like a bug or loose article from a pocket. While it is completely possible that somebody was pulling a stunt, I like to think that people are smarter than that (and we know that isn't true).
    1. PANTSFREE -
      Just got back from a trip to the park to find the ride no longer dueling at all and with a 75 minute wait.
    1. eastcoastermike -
      Does anyone remember Fabio being hit by a duck?

      Fabio Hit By Flying Bird on Apollo's Chariot

      Any ride outside always poses a risk, I've always wondered how often it happens. I've been hit by hats, sunglasses and the ocassional cell phone on a ride, but it has had to have been something big to have blinded him.
    1. Joe R -
      Check screamscape, there was another incident. This one not being as bad, but still a bad omen. Lance said that the worst thing of someone doing active sabotage is the worst case scenario. They apparently won't be running it dueling anymore since both of these incidents happened during the loop.
    1. PANTSFREE -
      After going by the park a couple more times the ride is experiencing a good bit of downtime and lengthy waits; hopefully they can come up with a solution.