• Kings Dominion to add Windseeker and Dinosaur's Alive! in 2012

    This morning, Kings Dominion, located in Kings Mills, Virginia, has announced the parks newest attractions for 2012.

    Cedar Fair, the parent company of Kings Dominion has announced Windseeker and Dinosaurs Alive! for the park starting next year.

    At 301 feet tall and spinning at 30 mph Windseeker will be thrilling to ride and an amazing view from the top. This Windseeker will also have the extensive lighting package and soundtrack for the ride.

    The ride will cost $6.5 million and be located near the Grove Section of the park.

    Dinosaur's Alive! will be near Grizzly in the Old Virginia section of the park and will feature 36 animatronic dinosaurs. No word if this will be an up-charge attraction as it is not yet listed on the parks website.
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    1. Graham -
      Personally, I found Windseeker at Canada's Wonderland to be fairly boring. The only exciting part was realizing that there was nothing below you for 300 feet. I can't say I'm very excited about this addition however I think it will be nice to have the ride back here Hypersonic used to be.
    1. Intimidator 305 -
      KD isn't located in Kings Mills Virginia, it is in Doswell Virginia. KI is located in Kings Mills (or Mason) Ohio. It says on the park's website that Dinosaurs Alive! will be an upcharge attraction but doesn't say the cost yet. It will probably be $5 like KI and CP's Dinosaurs Alive! I personally think they would get a lot more people in the attraction if they charged $3 instead of $5. For a family of four that would only be $12 instead of $20...
    1. Chris H -
      I understand Cedar Fair on having some of the same rides, WindSeeker has had some amazing reviews. However, Dinosaur's Alive? It really shows that Cedar Fair is becoming a cookie cutter chain. Soon it's not going to be worth going to any of the parks in the chain especially if you can get what the other parks have at your home park. I have yet to go through Dinosaur's Alive and doubt I will this year at KI, but I've heard from multiple people it's just not worth it.