• Breaking News: Ron Toomer dies of cancer at the age of 81

    Ron Toomer, 81, died today of cancer. He was a pioneer in the industry of which we love and had designed so many rides in his designing years.

    We will update this story with more information once we are able to find a link on the web.

    We here at ThrillNetwork wish him peace and sends our prayers to his family.

    Update: Amusement Today has a wonderful piece about Ron. You can view it here.
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    1. Antoine -
      This is still truly shocking. He was more than a pioneer in roller coaster designing. He basically brought them back when there started to become a huge decline in the building of them. It is because of him that we have steel coasters like today. From Matterhorn Bobsleds to Viper, his name is stamped on just about every ride Arrow Dynamics ever made. Although Arrow eventually started to lose its' popularity, you can not take away the fact that it is because of him and Arrow that steel roller coasters are on the map today. He will be truly missed and his talent at thrilling millions of people is unmatched.
    1. Katie -
      The man was a pure genius and really ahead of his time. While his coasters aren't the smoothest, or fastest, or tallest, they still bring you back to your child hood and remember the good times you had.He will be dearly missed.
    1. Leo C -
      The first major rollercoasters that I feared and rode in my childhood were Arrow rollercoasters. The Big Bad Wolf, The Lochness Monster, The Great American Scream Machine were all giants that I feared when I was close to 10 years old. The Runaway Mine Train at Six Flags Great Adventure may have been the first Arrow rollercoaster I've comfortably ridden. Thanks to Toomer Arrow was in this rollercoaster war for taller, faster, more inversions years ago. Ron Toomer contributed a lot to the amusement industry. Thank you.
    1. coasterlove -
      It's good to know that almost every park has an Arrow coaster. They're classic rides and some of the biggest coasters over the last 25 years were from Arrow with this man behind them. I think no matter how awesome and modern a park is, it needs to have either an Arrow looper or suspended coaster or something from them to be complete. Classic rides.
    1. Rick B -
      ^That's for sure. They'll never be my favorite, but I will continue to ride and enjoy them because they are classics. On most of them, you just have to learn how to brace yourself and they're enjoyable.
    1. Matt H -
      He was a great designer of coasters. I remember as a kid seeing a TV special with him in it. Watching him bend a peice of metal into loops and shapes, saying thats how he likes to design. I aspired to be like him and design amazing coasters despite the mild pain they invoke.
    1. Thunderhawk -
      Simply put, Ron Toomer shaped the amusement industry that exists today. Great American Scream Machine was my favorite ride my first visit at Six Flags Great Adventure. Magnum XL-200 is still among my favorites. Thanks for the great rides, Mr. Toomer.
    1. Wes -
      Safe to say if there was no Ron Toomer, there probably would be no B&M or Intamin today.Pioneer isn't even enough of a word to cover what he did for the industry.I will still always though pick on him on some of his poorer designs shouting out "Thanks Ron Toomer!". lol
    1. PANTSFREE -
      That's terribly sad. I love taking a ride on am arrow coaster, they just have a certain feel and nostalgia that you don't get with other more modern steel coasters. Its sad to think both Ron Toomer and Anton Schwarzkopf are now gone; two pioneers of roller coasters and amusement parks.