• Epic contest coming to ThrillNetwork

    Who's ready for an epic contest? The prize for this contest is huge and it is our biggest giveaway ever!!

    We don't want to spoil too much or giveaway the prize yet, BUT....here is a little tidbit....for now.

    Anyone registered on our website is eligible to win this contest. The rest is coming soon!
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    1. Intimidator 305 -
      Wow, I thought this was cool... until I saw "ThrillNetwork.com in partnership with... Dollywood" and then I got a trillion times more excited. I can't wait to hear more of the details!
    1. Antoine -
      You know I watched this video and immediately thought of Mirabilandia. That is the same song they play during the opening of the park during Halloween celebrations. It is pretty cool to see too because they have these people dressed in all black with white masks on. They march towards the fork in the park and do this dance routine for the official opening of the park.
    1. Leo C -
      I sense this is going to be way cooler than a Cedar Fair season pass holder windbreaker.
    1. Daniel Barto -
      I smell first ride on W.E. lol
    1. Rick B -
      It looks like this is going to be really cool!
    1. Katie -
      We are not giving anything away yet. I promise you this is one thing you will never forget! :-) If all goes well we might be able to announce it this weekend. No promises on that though. Everything will be in place soon. Oh and Antoine....I would only hope that Mirabilandia would use this song. It's an Italian opera called "Carmina Burana". They do use this song in tons of movies for their epic scenes. :-) We thought it was fitting to use.