• PortAventura to add new record megacoaster in 2012

    Today, PortAventura in Spain announced what will become the new cornerstone roller coaster at the park in 2012. PortAventura will build Europe's tallest roller coaster next year, a Bolliger & Mabillard megacoaster.

    The ride, currently not named by the park, will stand at 249 feet. It will use the topography of the park to achieve a maximum drop of 255 feet. The coaster will feature five camelback hills that will allow riders to experience airtime and zero gravity.

    A teaser on the park's website mentions the new attraction will be "A new challenge that allows you to live the same sensations experienced by the greatest adventurers. It will take you to great heights, terrifying descents, a journey through dark tunnels and mountain lakes. A new ride that will allow you to experience many sensations and spectacular views of your surroundings."

    The new roller coaster at PortAventura will be an investment of 25 million Euro. It will stand near the park's iconic eight inversion Dragon Khan B&M sit-down coaster. The ride will present a new challenging adventure to families to experience the passion of great climbers. The skyline of the park will change with the building of the ride, creating a new "range" that will be visible for miles surrounding the park.

    For more information please visit: PortAventura and Pafans.
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    1. Antoine -
      Nice. I held off visiting PortAventura just because of this too. Was waiting for them to FINALLY announce the ride. It will be on my agenda for next year. Plus I want to sample B&M's only 8 inversion coaster and the Intamin version of a wing rider. Even though I haven't heard many good reviews of Furios Baco. One thing that does perplex me is the steep price. 25 Million Euro? Wow! This is B&M's most expensive ride to date. It sure better be worth it. Review to come in 2012!
    1. Wes -
      What in the world is that promo pic of? It sure isn't B&M track.
    1. Leo C -
      The pic is from the park, just a bit cut off of a longer drop. It's vague box track.
    1. Chris H -
      Going along with what Wes said....looks like someone in the graphics department isn't doing well.I like how it says that coaster will stand at 249 feet but drop 255 feet. I understand what it means, that the track will drop below the surface...but just seems funny to me.
    1. PANTSFREE -
      Quote Originally Posted by Wes View Post
      What in the world is that promo pic of? It sure isn't B&M track.
      Definitely looks more like Intamin track than B&M. Just a silly promo team mistake; at least they released the image with an announcement saying it was a B&M ride so we wouldn't have people debating who the ride would be from or what kind of ride it would be, lol.
    1. Antoine -
      I don't know if there would have been too much dispute about who was building this ride. This was probably one of the worst kept secrets of the year for new coasters. I knew back in like March that they were getting a hyper B&M. A lot of websites were talking about it already. I think the biggest surprise was Europa Park getting Mythos. Mainly because Germany only has 4 wooden coasters in the entire country. This will be their 5th one, so I'm happy and can't wait to ride this coaster at PortAventura. It sure is going to be a busy year for B&M. Haven't heard too much noise from Intamin though for 2012.
    1. Graham -
      It does seem like a fairly quiet year for Intamin while its a pretty busy year for B&M. I can only think of one new Intamin coaster while I can think of seven new B&M coasters opening next year.
    1. Antoine -
      I wonder if some amusement parks are getting tired of the reliability issues with Intamin coasters. I mean if you think about it, the majority of their new coasters are LSM/LIM and not the standard gravity driven coasters. And even their gravity driven coasters as of lately have had problems too (i.e. I-305). With that said, technology becomes an issue and I wouldn't be surprised if some amusement parks just do not wanna take the risk of a ride constantly breaking down. Because that is lost business. Although I must admit that I was thoroughly surprised with iSpeed at Mirabilandia. Not once did that ride break down the entire time I was in the park. On another note, they are building another 10 inversion roller coaster in Brazil for 2012. Have they not learned yet? Maybe I need to send a customer comment card in on what I think of those coasters.