• A NoLimits contest of w00t!

    A little while back, we announced an epic contest.

    Sadly, this is not the epic contest that was hinted at, as this contest is beyond epic, there is only one word to describe it.


    Back in 2004, some of us built coasters that are worthy of the w00t! designation. You can download and ride them below.

    w00t! Reloaded Track Pack - SpeedZone - ThrillNetwork.com

    In honor of that, we are doing a month long fun contest to build coasters worthy of such a name. Below are what we require.

    • Any wood or steel coaster type, or if you manage to find a way to do it in NoLimits, plastic.
    • No height or length limit.
    • At least two trains, no limit of cars per train.
    • Must have a complete circuit and complete it... however possible.
      • Bonus points to those that don't look like they can complete the circuit, yet do... somehow (hint: you can cheat).

    • Must not exceed "extreme" G-forces (Think more like Schwarzkopf - not Harry Traver) -- +6.5/-2 vertical, 1.5 lateral either way.
    • Must be designed using improved friction.
    • Must not resemble most general roller coasters currently available to ride.
    • Must worthy of being called a w00t! coaster.
    • Must have "w00t!" (exact spelling: w-zero-zero-t-exclamation point) either incorporated into the coaster design, or as a sign (floating, ground, or otherwise) that is visible while riding the coaster.
    • Must have "w00t" somewhere in its name, while not using any w00t name currently in existence among the available SpeedZone coasters.
    • Pumping and/or roughness is OK. "Smooth as glass" coasters are OK too. In other words, we won't rate it.
    • Coasters judged to be normal/real (such as Kingda Ka, Miner Mike, or Cyclone) will be disqualified.
    • Support it however you want. Function over form. Just don't let the train hit them, and it might be good to make sure the thing won't fall down. I don't think anyone will believe you if the whole coaster is supported by one support, either.

    How we will judge.

    1. We weed through the entries to make sure they meet the requirements
    2. We subject them to Katie, where she will rate them on a scale (from worst to best) of "I'll ride it", "What the hell is this?", "There is no way I will ever ride this!", "I need to hit ESC a lot to get off of this thing!", "That's it... I'm done with TN!", and "To whom it may concern: This is to inform you that Katie has been committed for her own well being.".
    3. After giving up on #2 (since most of them might be rated the last one, and she might not make it through all of them), we'll probably do a random drawing for the winner.

    For a prize, we'll allow the winner (or winners) to have an image in your signature (since we prohibit them now). You can also call yourself something - just not god of the forums.

    Lastly, ThrillNetwork staff can participate in this contest (since they're not allowed to have image signatures either, cuz they're mean like that). Also, all of the prize resources have been dedicated to that other "epic" contest (Katie just laughed hysterically when I asked for prize resources). So, I was like "who needs prizes, anyway?" But, now that I am retired form having to worry about all of that stuff, I want to have fun with my coaster-building peers, ya know?
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    1. Josh B -
      Well, I guess this contest isn't for me. "Smooth as glass" is the only type of coaster I go for when building in NL. -Josh P.S. Just joined yesterday. Hi everyone!
    1. Katie -
      Oh Josh, its fun. Try it out! :-P
    1. Steven -
      We have other contests that come up that require such smooth designs. But, the whole point of this one is to come up with something that would otherwise never exist, unless you get some diabolically insane builder who does so. Plus, there are other benefits, to which you could possibly incorporate elements from a w00t! coaster into a real design, and have it be smooth as glass. Or how about we relax that, allow you to do a smooth as glass design... just that we don't factor roughness/smoothness?
    1. Josh B -
      No need to cater to my perfectionist style of NL coaster building! I'm just a TN noob! lol
    1. Steven -
      I got to thinking about it... the requirement was a bit stupid.
    1. Steven -
      So far, we have two entries into the w00t! contest. You should join us and have some fun!
    1. tiburonjelle -
      I posted my entry today. was fun making something not so very realistic.
    1. Katie -
      Sweet! Looking forward to riding it!