• Eight companies looking to take over Six Flags New Orleans

    The current New Orleans mayor, Mitch Landrieu and his administration said Monday that there are up to eight companies competing to redevelop the Six Flags New Orleans site that has been sitting vacant for 7 years.

    “We received a mix of proposals seeking to develop the former park site into an amusement park, a water park, a film [company] back lot, a retail outlet shopping center,” said Aimee Quirk, the chief economic development advisor to the mayor. Another proposal for the site involves putting in an electric power generation complex.

    The committee, who is being criticized for their slow pace deciding what do to next, is reviewing the opportunities for the site. The committee who met on Monday, November 21, 2011, only met for less than an hour and discussed the process of how they will look at the proposals.

    “The people who live in east New Orleans feel like very little is going on, you know, they see expansion, and they see development in other parts of the city, very little is going on out there, and then on top of that it's a huge blighted area,” said Rep. Austin Badon, D-New Orleans, who represents that area in the state legislature.

    The committee has decided on looking at the potential developers’ financing on the project and past performance in business ventures. “The proposals will be scored and ranked,” said Quirk.

    "It's going on seven years. There has to be a sense of urgency to get something done in a short period of time,” said Badon.

    Badon did set in on the meeting and vocalized his frustration afterwards to press. “We set in there for 30 minutes, basically to say let's meet again next week, I'm tired of that, the people are tired, we're frustrated, we want something done in an expeditious manner,” he said.

    Since the park has sat empty, vandals have been trespassing into the park leaving behind graffiti. The committee will meet after Thanksgiving.

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    1. Rick B -
      It's great to see something finally moving forward with the property. Hopefully it returns as an amusement park.
    1. Wes -
      I understand they are frustrated, but do they really want to rush a park together? *looks at Freestyle Music Park*
    1. Antoine -
      I think it would be crazy to build another park here too. The current park is a total loss so that means if they built a new amusement park, they would have to start from scratch pretty much (think FMP $400 million price tag!). Not only that but this park wasn't very popular when it was Jazzland. Six Flags gave it SOME life support, but not much. It is on the wrong side of New Orleans away from the major highway leading into the city. And then the most important thing of all....it is below sea level. This is a message for disaster. If they want to build a new park, they should keep it extremely small with family rides only. But to go all out and invest millions into individual rides would be business suicide.
    1. Vince -
      I love the idea that was presented about a movie backlot. The destruction and dilapitation that exists is perfect for those apocolyptic movies that everyone loves now, and there's really a lot of potential. If done right, movies there could truly be awesome. I mean, just look at this amatuer video: Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans Tour - YouTube. Truly amazing.
    1. Wes -
      Didn't they already use it for a movie?
    1. Austin -
      Yes, it was even featured in one episode of Sons of Guns. They made a gun for the movie and one of the gunsmiths got to be in the movie.
    1. Leo C -
      Make it a junk yard. Move to higher ground.
    1. Chris H -
      Just found out that 6 proposals have been put on the chopping block leaving 2 proposals left. Check out the news story here: Former Six Flags site could become new amusement park or upscale outlet mall | NOLA.com
    1. Wes -
      One drawback is that RCS has never actually developed an amusement park
      I'd say go with the outlet mall that would include a small park.

      They could end up with another Freestyle with the second company.