• Round two of our contest has begun

    Because we are totally into the holiday spirit, we are all giving you a chance to redeem yourselves and enter this rounds quiz. No one got a perfect score on the first round, so we have a heart and are allowing you all to get the chance to get a PERFECT score this time around.

    This round is much harder with different questions from different countries. The contest will end on December 23rd. We will grade the quizzes and announce the winner on Christmas Day! How awesome of a Christmas present will this be?!

    Here is the link. Make sure you finish the quiz, we had a lot of people start the quiz and not finish it!

    Good luck and Happy Holidays from ThrillNetwork!
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    1. Daniel Barto -
    1. Katie -
      LMAO!!! I told you guys! You gotta work for this prize! You can do it. Just takes a little research!
    1. Jerry S -
      wow no one got a perfect score? i totally shoulda given this a shot i'd already have won
    1. Chris A -
      I just finished the quiz! and then it said I timed out! ugh! lol

      Did I finish or do I have to do it all over again?
    1. Katie -
      ^ I have two responses, the first one has a name, the second one doesn't. Coaster craze, if you still have the answers, re-do it, if you can't and it gives you problems, you can email them to me and I can count it that way. Sorry!
    1. Chris A -
      ok thanks! I'll see what I can do!
    1. Chris A -
      I got it submitted! I finished the round Finally! lol

      Brutal just plan Brutal!
    1. Jhcbiinoc -
      I just submitted mine, but it did not say that it was received, just to be sure that all answers were submitted by the 23rd; however, when I tried to reload a saved survey, it said it was not found. Can you check to make sure that it was in fact received? My screenname is Jhcbiinoc/e-mail is Jhcbiinoc@aol.com.

      Thanks-some of those answers were tough to find! RCDB was actually down for over 24 hours and just came back up this morning and I needed it for one question.
    1. Katie -
      I did get yours. Thanks for participating!
    1. IrishFan22 -
      Just curious...
      Will we be notified by email that our quiz was received when we submit them? My survey said the same thing as Jhcbiinoc when I submitted it, and I wanted to make sure it was received!
    1. Katie -
      I did get all of yours. You won't get a confirmation, for some reason it won't this time around. But, I did get them. You are good to go.
    1. Katie -
      So we have a winner! We just announced it on our facebook page, but CONGRATULATIONS are in order to KMCOKER!! We gave everyone that entered the chance to win because you all worked extremely hard on this quiz. We appreciate all of your time and effort! KmCoker....I will email you in a few weeks with all of the details for the contest. If you have any questions in the meantime, please feel free to private message me. Congratulations again!
    1. Kirstin -
      OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I still can't believe I won!!!
    1. Rick B -