• Dubai to start construction on new theme park in 2012

    On Tuesday, Meraas, a Dubai-based real estate company, announced plans for a new theme park called "Dubai Adventure Studios," which will be a movie-based theme park.

    The theme park will form phase one of a three phase project that will spread across an 8,000,000 square foot area, 2,000,000 square feet devoted to the park itself. The park will total 2.2 billion AED in investments, which is equivalent to a
    598,950,000 dollars.

    It is reported to have 5 zones themed to US-based movie IP's featuring the latest in technology games and new generation rides, as well as hospitality and F&B zones to "shape an all-inclusive entertainment destination that meets visitors' needs."
    Work is scheduled to begin on the park in 2012, and be completed near the end of 2014.

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    1. Chris H -
      So is to the tune of Universal, Paramount, or totally different?
    1. Austin -
      What ever happened to Six Flags Dubailand, Universal Studios Dubai and the other park set to be built in Dubai? Six Flags had some decent art work for it.
    1. SamB -
      They got this project rolling quick. It seems like just a week ago they announced this.
    1. Leo C -
      The problems with the US economy, Europe the last three years, the stall also happened in Dubai. I believe Ferrari World was mostly complete and made it through. The other projects were halted.
    1. Austin -
      Thats sad :/ I hope Dubailand goes through. Dubai is really making it enticing to come visit haha
    1. Leo C -
      The one park that really got my attention was the potential Seaworld one. It was to be built on a whale shaped man made island. Then I heard it was halted.
    1. Austin -
      I had never heard of that one. That does sound pretty cool.