• Coming to a park near you in 2012

    Well folks, it's that time of year again. Time to say goodbye to 2011, and hello to 2012. It's sad to see all our favorite parks now closed for the winter, but then again, it's sweet. We all know once spring rolls around, we'll come back to those parks with new attractions waiting for us to ride. Here's some of the many new attractions that we will see opening next year at a park near you!

    First we'll talk about the largest new projects opening in the US in 2012, and that is Cars Land at Disney's California Adventure. It includes a test track-like experience called "Radiator Springs Racers," a whip-style ride called "Mator's Junkyard Jamboree," and a flying saucer ride called "Luigi's flying Tires." The land will also include many shops and restaurants along with these spectacular rides to create a truly awesome Cars experience for the entire family.

    As far as the Cedar Fair parks this year, we will be seeing a lot of repeats, including even more Windseeker rides, "Dinosaurs Alive" , a couple new coasters and a waterpark upgrade. Carowinds and Kings Dominion will both receive new 301 foot tall Windseeker rides for their parks. Kings dominion, Dorney Park, Canada's Wonderland, and Cedar Point will all be getting Dinosaurs Alive upcharge attractions after the success of the one at Kings Island. Speaking of Kings Island, it will receive a nice new upgrade to it's water park including a re-branding of the area into "Soak City," a new front entrance, and a new, larger wave pool for the park.

    Dorney Park and Canada's Wonderland are the lucky two Cedar Fair parks getting coasters this year. Dorney park is receiving the old Vekoma Invertigo from California's Great America. It is getting a nice new blue and teal paint job and has been given the name "Stinger." Canada's Wonderland is getting a huge new coaster next year. They are opening "Leviathan," a 306 foot tall B&M giga coaster with a total length of 5486 feet, and reaching speeds of 92 MPH! A very exciting year for Canada's Wonderland, as well as the rest of Cedar Fair's Parks.

    There must be Wing Rider fever going on this year, as amusement parks around the world are adding FOUR new Wing riding-style coasters this year. The largest and most exciting being the new Wild Eagle coaster by B&M going in at Dollywood with a total height of 210 feet, with a drop of 135 feet and a twisting layout on top of a mountain including 4 inversions! B&M is also doing two other Wing rider coasters this year including "Swarm" at Thorpe Park, and "X-flight" at Six flags Great America. Hersheypark is also getting a massive wing coaster from Intamin this year named "SkyRush." The ride will reach heights of 200 feet and reach speeds up to 75 MPH around a twisted steel track.

    Six Flags is also having a very exciting year next year despite their recent troubles. The park chain is getting 4 new rides this year, 3 of which are rides being relocated from other parks. Six Flags America is FINALLY getting a new coaster in 2012. "Apocalypse," a B&M stand-up coaster previously located at Six Flags Great America as "Iron Wolf" is arriving at the park next year. Six Flags New England is also getting a used coaster this year from Six Flags Magic Mountain where it was called "Deja Vu." The Vekoma Giant Inverted Boomerang will be repainted and called "Goliath" in it's new home In Massachusetts. Six Flags Mexico is getting the former Pandemonium spinning coaster from Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, which is also receiving a new roller coaster this year from Premier called "Superman: Ultimate flight," which features a 60 MPH Launch up a twisted vertical climb, down into a barrel roll, before you drop back down into a non-inverting loop and back into the station.

    As far as flat rides at the six flags park, two parks, Six Flags Fiesta Texas, and Six Flags Great Adventure, will be getting "Sky Screamer" swing rides similar to the Windseeker rides at the Cedar Fair Parks. Another big addition is coming to Six Flags Magic Mountain. The new "Lex Luthor Drop of Doom" drop tower being installed on the "Superman: Escape from Krypton" roller coaster making the new drop ride the tallest in the world at 400 feet.

    We can't forget about the Blackstone parks in 2012! Two major attractions are coming to the chain this year. The first being the "Verbolten" multi-launch coaster going in at Busch Gardens Williamsburg from Zierer. The ride will include a 88 ft drop, and an indoor vertical drop. Sea World San Diego is also receiving a new coaster next year. "Manta," a Mack steel family launched coaster will be installed which will feature two launches around a twisting, ground hugging track reaching speeds of 43 MPH.

    Another major water coaster will be appearing at Holiday World in 2012. Mammoth will feature gigantic tunnels, airtime hills and two different boat styles. The ride will tower over Wildebeest and the park is adding a Skyscreamer type ride replacing Paul Revere's Midnight Ride.

    It's hard to put all the amazing attractions going into all the parks into one story with detail so here's a list of some of the other amazing attractions coming in 2012:

    -DiVertical- Water ride at Mirabilandia (Intamin Hyper Splash)
    -Black Widow- Spinning Pendulum Ride at Kennywood( Zamperla Giant Discovery)
    -Unnamed Wooden Coaster featuring the "High Five" Maneuver(Martin and Vlemickx) and Maurer sky loop at
    Happy Valley Wuhan.
    -11 inversion coaster- Jingling Happy World (Intamin 11 Inv. Coaster)
    -Oz'Iris - Parc Asterix (B&M Inverted Coaster)
    -Shambhala- PortAventura Park (B&M Hyper Coaster)

    It sure sounds like 2012 is going to be a great year for the parks, and the enthusiasts out there. Have a great New Year, and we hope to hear about your experiences with all these amazing new rides soon!
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      Wild Eagle!! All of these attractions sound like so much fun! Now, I just need money to get to all those parks... :P