• KNEX launches two new computer controlled models

    K'NEX is a brand we all know of, consisting of building working roller coaster models for enthusiasts and anyone interested in building sets of theme park type rides.

    Today, K'NEX has announced they are launching two new computer controlled sets for children grades 2-8. Children will be able to build a particular set and then have the software that it comes with control it. Therefore learning how to apply science, technology, and hands on experience.

    The sets are called K’NEX Education Discover Control™ and K’NEX Computer Control™.

    For more information about this release, please see PRWeb. For more information about K'NEX click their name.
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    1. Chris H -
      2-8? I seriously want one....dang!
    1. arcarver1986 -
      did you see how much they are?! $450!!!! That's insane. guess they're made for rich kids only.
    1. Rick B -
      That's awesome! It's out of my price range from a personal perspective, but it looks like it would be a good idea for a classroom, especially in schools that have programs focusing on pre-engineering.
    1. amnesiac -
      Sounds pretty cool. Are the new set regular sized K'nex or micro size?
    1. Katie -
      Looks like they are just computer models. Their website doesn't show them at all, but the PR web address has some information about them.