• Busch Gardens placed last piece of track on Verbolten

    The final piece of the 2,853 foot steel track of Verbolten was placed on Januaray 17th at Busch Gardens Williamsburg.

    Verbolten is the newest coaster being added to Busch Gardens collection. Verbolten will feature two high speed electromagnetic launches, a wide variety of twists and turns on this coaster experience. The coaster will use the parks natural landscaping to create a one of a kind experience. Also to be noted, the construction team has constructed a special effects enclosure that will feature many of the surprise elements.

    With construction beginning last summer, the park is anticipating Verbolten will be opening in late spring this year.

    To see any news releases on Verbolten as well as the construction process visit their website and their facebook page.

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    1. Leo C -
      I gave this ride little attention because the park's teasers didn't give us anything. This final video update of the last piece coming into place, a director from the park speaking was the most useful. I still kept track of construction watching the indoor spaghetti bowl and drop section of the track come together. I felt the most encouraged with this last update to hear this coaster will have a long train. I'm not really a fan of individual car small trains. The launch into and coming out of the building sounds pretty cool.

      I'm glad the park used the construction crane to take pics of the site and the repurposed Big Bad Wolf river drop. It still looks pretty evil. It would have been neat to add a helix in the S-turn back to the station.