• Crypt won't reopen at Kings Island

    Kings Island announced Tuesday via its Twitter feed that The Crypt will be replaced.

    The park said it "reached the end of its service life" and that "an all-new Halloween Haunt experience" will take its place.

    The Crypt opened as Tomb Raider: The Ride in 2002. It was renamed in 2008 after Cedar Fair purchased the Paramount chain, and the Paramount licensing rights were dropped.

    The ride is a Huss Giant Top Spin.
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    1. Chris H -
      I've known about this for a while, and I think it's unfortunate that it's leaving. I have operated the Crypt and I have some fond memories of it. I remember when I first rode it as TR:TR, my mind was blown and it was just amazing! Through the years the trouble it's had and reprogramming, it lost its touch. But the personal memories I've had on the ride, operating it and observing it will remain in my heart. RIP The Crypt
    1. Austin -
      I've known too Chris Thats why I wasn't shocked lol.
    1. Antoine -
      "reached the end of its service life" sounds like a lot of covering up to me. A 10 year old ride shouldn't reach that point already. I'll admit it wasn't my favorite ride out there though because the duration was just too quick. But I have been on other rides like it before and loved it. So much potential. It is just unfortunate that they are taking it out.
    1. Wes -
      Sounds like the garbage BGW said about Big Bad Wolf.

      You can keep about any ride running if you want to put the money into it.

      Although it was way too short as far as the program the past couple times I got up there, I liked the ride and will miss it.
    1. sclisso -
      I'm not too sad about it. I couldn't fit on the one at KD, and it didn't even look that amazing, so no big loss to me,lol.
    1. Wes -
      The pre-show was actually pretty good in the Tomb Raider days.
    1. Chris H -
      Antoine, part of the "service" life expiring is due to KI not putting $ into but the other part, is that it was a HUSS ride. Like many other HUSS rides, from Day 1 there were issues. Most of the issues had to do with the programming of the ride. It started out with an amazing program which ended up beating the ride up, the motors constantly going down. The gondola often wouldn't lock because of alignment lost during the TR:TR years.
    1. Wes -
      ^ That makes a lot more sense. I've always wondered why they shortened the program so much.
    1. Leo C -
      This makes Six Flags look sage to run their Topspins on basically gentle cycle the last 5 years to prevent as much wear and tear on the ride? I can take a whole lot more intense and manual Topspin setting. It's amazing when it's at its full potential.
    1. Brian H -
      I'm sad this is happening and even more sad that a different thrill ride isn't replacing it. I will not be enjoying the new haunt. I wonder what the lifespan of the top spins are that travel the German fair circuit? Look up any youtube video of one of their ride programs, those things give a crazy ride! The record is 107 continuous flips.
    1. Leo C -
      I'm not sure I get one complete flip on a Six Flags model. I get at least 20 side to side shimmies on a cycle as the ride doesn't reach it's full potential. The ride is not about the back and forth swing. It's a shame. The brakes come to a big squeak on Twister at SFGADV. The standard model ride was a borefest at SFNE last year. Thunderhawk was trying to take a pic of me riding it.
    1. Wes -
      It's funny that Myrtle Beach Pavilion used to run their top spin on "insane". I got like 5 good flips the first cycle, then the operator asked if we wanted to go again and I probably got 4 on the 2nd cycle.
    1. Leo C -
      I would get the insane setting on the Topspin2 at Astroland when I attended the one additional season it was open a couple years ago. Both the parks with the intense Topspin are gone.
    1. Austin -
      There will be a replacement, just not for 2012.
    1. arcarver1986 -
      I wondered why the top spin at SFNE was so tame. I was pretty disappointed. The flip is the best part, and it only flips once.
    1. The Skooter Guy -
      Only a decade of service.
      'twas lucky it didn't drop its gondola like the Spin Dragon at Adelaide's Showgrounds.
      Huss is still living on, even after Dollywood's Timber Tower lawsuit & the collapse of Liseberg's Rainbow.
    1. APE -
      When it was tomb raider I hardly liked it. It was nice to get out of the sun and cool off while looking at some decent theming. After the re name and changes they made to the ride we rode it once and never really thought about it again. I'm not sad to see it go but I do think it's a shame they couldn't keep the ride in good working order.
    1. Leo C -
      Rides now only last ten years- ten seasons?