• The next flying coaster?

    We all love a great roller coaster ride. But some of the not-so-good coaster rides have one limiting factor: the track. What if the coaster train could magically run through space without the track?

    I know. This defies all the laws of physics that I have learned, but creative individuals with computer skills are seldom bound by the laws of physics. That is the case with Fernando Livschitz. With the aid of computer graphics software, he came up with a unique and fascinating concept park, Inception Park. All he needed was his imagination, some video clips of Buenos Aires, Argentina, as well as some amusement park ride footage.

    Could anything like this ever happen in our lifetime? You be the judge, but I think it's possible - with the help of some flubber.

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    1. Alex Westerman -
      Fun video. Really well produced.
    1. Leo C -
      I see a Vekoma boomerang train, a Huss Topspin type gondola, a Vekoma SLC train. Is that a Huss Rainbow gondola I see?