• Springtime in Georgia

    This is always my favorite time of year. Flowers are starting to bloom, cars are turning green and the start of screams filling the air.

    I just want to wish everyone a great season. Please keep in mind that if you park is moving crowds slowly remember, this is many of the employees first day so please bear with them.

    If your heading to SFOG remember that if you bring 6 cans of food you can get in the park for $19.67 and the 1st 1045 get a pass to the 45 birthday party later this year.

    Wild Adventures also opens on Saturday With new foods to eat, new ride names and new paint.

    Legoland opens a new indoor park Saturday. I have heard that tickets have sold out. But, please check out their facebook page for more information.

    Finally Stone Mountain Park will open a new water attraction on March 31 called Geyser Towers.

    We hope to see you at the parks real soon! Have a great season!
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    1. Rick B -
      I agree - this is the best time of the year! Parks are starting to open, and they are not nearly as busy as they will be later on in the year.