• Kentucky Kingdom reopening still a possibility

    Just one day after plans fell through for Bluegrass Boardwalk to take over and open Kentucky Kingdom, two other national amusement park companies have expressed interest in reopening the park. Harold Workman, state fair board president, said that he was contacted by those two unnamed parties showing interest in the park.

    The Koch family was not comfortable with parts of the deal, particularly the state ownership and regulation of the park, causing them to withdraw from the deal.

    The top priority of the fair board is the reopening of Kentucky Kingdom.

    For more information on this story please see Kentucky Press News Service.
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    1. Leo C -
      Is the State Board like dealing with Foghorn Leghorn?
    1. Brian H -
      I would think the top priority for the State Fairboard would be a successful fair. Wonder how many other state fairboards have been faced with this difficult of a problem?
    1. Brian F -
      I hope it happens. I really do.
      History tends to repeat itself. So with that being said, my gut is telling me that the fair board is gonna screw up again, and Kentucky Kingdom will remain abandoned. I hope I'm wrong, but I just don't see anything working out.
    1. Rick B -
      ^I have the same concern. It sounds to me that they need a new state fair board.
    1. Leo C -
      If they're going to make any progress I still hold hope for two Zamperla rent a coasters.
    1. Austin -
      Well the state fairboard has had great fairs the last few years but it really hurts the state without the park. We're facing a $760 billion shortfall in the budget this year alone. Getting the park back open partially, as in the year one plan that the Koch's would have done (the water park and some rides) would have added $50 million to the state through taxes, the lease and other things like that. But a fully re-opened park with increasing attendance each year could get up to $100 million or higher. Of course it doesn't help the budget alot but it would reduce the shortfall and help save some departments, like education, from having budget cuts each year.