• Suicidal man shuts down Elitch Gardens

    According to a local CBS affiliate in Denver Colorado, Elitch Gardens was shut down Monday morning due to a man deciding to climb an amusement park ride.

    The man, whose identity is unknown as of now, climbed a fence to enter the park around 8am and climbed 60 feet up on the ride called Sidewinder (a boomerang coaster).

    The park did not open as normal and stayed closed until 3pm, when the man had been evacuated safely from the ride around 1pm.

    For more information and updates, please see CBS Denver.
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    1. Rick B -
      If he wanted to feel like he was dying, he could have waited until the park was open and ridden the boomerang.
    1. Steven -
      He probably rode it the day before.
    1. Leo C -
      With the name given I thought it was the boomerang at first and that it would add to collection of stories about boomerangs recently such as Stinger getting stuck at Dorney Park. Elitch's boomerang is just called Boomerang. Reading about the Arrow shuttle the platform is close to 60 feet high. http://www.rcdb.com/209.htm?p=0The boomerang lift hills are double that height.
    1. Coug -
      It's sad because he honestly may have been one of the people who lost their homes to the fires in and around Colorado right now.