• SeaWorld Orlando hikes admission price

    Starting July 3rd, the new admission price for SeaWorld Orlando will be $84.99. That is an increase of $3 from before. Multi-day passes will also be increased by $10 to $134.99. This also includes Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. (They are owned by the same company).

    This is actually the first increase from the park since September 2011.

    You can also find many discounts around the area, especially online.

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    1. Leo C -
      When Disney hikes their entrance price the others follow suit.
    1. Chip -
      Every time I see this, all I can think is how outrageous it is. Following along when your competitor raises prices just because you want the park to sound like it's not to be outdone is awful.
    1. Wes -
      Holy crap that's expensive.