• Girl jumps off Skyride before storm at the Jersey Shore

    On Saturday a New Jersey teenager jumped from a chairlift skyride in an attempt to avoid an oncoming thunderstorm.

    Melanie Rossomando of Springfield, NJ was celebrating her 17th birthday at Casino Pier in Seaside, NJ on Saturday. A thunderstorm rolled into town and the chairlift ride she was riding stopped. With heavy winds swirling and the dark clouds looming the teenager panicked and jumped off the ride than face the risk of being struck by lighting.

    A video of the girl jumping from the skyride was caught and posted on Youtube. The video did not show the girl landing. The girl was bruised but otherwise not injured. It is unclear the height she fell.

    The operators of Casino Pier stated the ride was in a standby mode and were not accepting new passengers at that time. The operators followed emergency procedures to evacuate the ride. The operators did not know until Sunday that the girl had jumped off the ride.

    The chairlift ride takes riders above the Seaside beach and boardwalk. It has been featured on television on Mtv's Jersey Shore and other summertime promotional shots.

    For more information please visit: NBC10
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    1. Leo C -
      No Snookis were harmed in the jump.
    1. Austin -
      I just have to ask, why jump from a ride because of an approaching storm?
    1. Brian F -
      Quote Originally Posted by Leo C View Post
      No Snookis were harmed in the jump.
      Sad but true
    1. Rick B -
      ^^You have obviously not been around someone who is terrified of lightning. This doesn't surprise me.
    1. Leo C -
      The one Jersey Shore season when the Snooki got arrested for being intoxicated on the beach she was stumbling near the entrance to the beach. The chairlift cars would most likely move above that area.