• Lincoln Park Comet faces demolition Wednesday

    On Wednesday in Dartmouth, the old Comet roller coaster at the defunct Lincoln Park will face the assault of an excavator as demolition will start. The entrance to the coaster will be the first section of the ride targeted for removal.

    After Wednesday the biggest piece of the Comet will be gone. Within a month to 45 days all traces of the ride will be removed. Some pieces of the ride may be sold by the property's owners on eBay.

    The Comet gave its last ride in 1987. In the time since, vandalism and fires took tolls on the surrounding buildings of the park. Lincoln Park was once a 42 acre park that had opened in 1894, built by the Union Street Railway Company.

    Plans for the Lincoln Park site call for the construction of 57 single family homes and three apartment buildings. The Village at Lincoln Park will also feature some commercial buildings at the front of the property.

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