• Zombie theme park in Detroit?

    A Metro Detroit individual is trying to raise $145,000 to buy or lease abandoned property in Detroit in order to build a zombie apocalypse themed amusement park.

    Marc Swiak is looking to build the park, which would feature actors playing zombies, where they would seek out guests and "kill" them in a paintball or flag football-style fashion. Guests, in turn, would try to hunt the zombies. So far, he has raised $5,500 and has until August 10 to raise the full amount.

    However, he has to overcome the hurdle of convincing a skeptical, yet cash-strapped, city government. Swiak works in the City's finance department, and sees this as one way to help improve the city and its finances. City officials will not comment on the proposed park.

    If this goes through, this would not be the first zombie-themed park. Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse in Conley, Ga. is slated to open in September.

    For more, visit the Detroit Free Press.
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