• Disaster Transport's final mission to Give Kids the World

    Cedar Point announced today that Disaster Transport will be closing on July 29th after 27 years of service. Disaster Transport was opened in 1985 as Avalanche Run, an outdoor bobsled coaster. For the 1990 season, Cedar Point had Avalanche Run enclosed and re-themed to Disaster Transport, a ride that "launches" you into outer space on a trip to Alaska.

    Cedar Point is raising money to benefit Give Kids the World. The park has setup a fundraising site for anyone interested in taking part of a special event for the last ride. The top 50 fundraisers will be guaranteed a spot on the final run of Disaster Transport after an hour long ERT session.

    The park also confirmed the removal of Space Spiral from the park but the date that the ride will close is yet to be decided. Cedar Point said these two rides would be removed to make room for "@!!$!(*%%" and mentioned about "flying into the future."

    For more and up to date information, please see Cedar Point's Facebook page.
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    1. Wes -
      Alaska? I don't remember that at all. lol
    1. Leo C -
      Dismantled? Is it going to Dorney or Michigan Adventures next?
    1. Wes -
      Probably Carowinds.
    1. Rick B -
      I would enjoy it here at Carowinds - as long as they get rid of the stupid disaster transport idea and turn it back into an alpine bobsled.
    1. Antoine -
      Under any oother conditions I would say they just need to scrap the ride. However, this ride has been indoors for like 20 years and has not had to endure the same elements as other coasters that are outdoors. So I'm sure it is still in fairly good condition. And bobsleds are still a lot of fun. I can see them moving it somewhere else, but please don't promote it like it is the next best thing if it is moved though. (Ahem Apocalypse!)