• Woman celebrates 90th birthday on Diamondback

    A woman turned 90 and took a lap on Kings Island's Diamondback to celebrate it.

    The woman from Mount Lookout, Ohio, outside Cincinnati, said she's ridden the park's tallest and fastest coaster more than 100 times.

    The park said she's the oldest person to ride the 230-foot, 80-mph B&M coaster, which opened in 2009. She said she's had a season pass since 1979.

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    1. Leo C -
      Diamondback gets all these oddities. A guy recently got a 7.000th cycle. Crazy. Sto Lat.
    1. koasterkid14 -
      I think most of us are hoping for this in our future.
      Hopefully she'll have the priviledge to ride it when she's 100.