• Universal Studios presents Silent Hill

    Universal Studios in Hollywood and Orlando has let us in on a little secret. Their newest and most anticipated maze will be opening up this year. The maze is based on the horror movie and video game, Silent Hill. The maze will include the deformed nurses and executioner like you would find in the game(s) and movie(s).

    Universal Studios is predicting this maze to be the most psychologically intense in the events 20 year history.

    Both announcements were made at Comic-Con and will be celebrating that as well as the release for the new game coming out on October 26th.

    You can watch the videos for each park on their perspective Youtube channels.


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    1. Rick B -
      This looks really interesting. I hope I can make it to Universal soon for their Halloween Haunts.
    1. Joe R -
      Must leave earlier now! I MUST DO THIS!

      BTW, DNA....everywhere....so happy xD
    1. Brian H -
      Am I reading this correctly, this will just be a haunt attraction and not a permanent ride?
    1. Katie -
      Yeah it's their newest haunt maze this year. Each year they do bigger and better.