• Terra Encantada sitting abandoned and ripe for re-development in Rio

    An abandoned amusement park in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, may play a different role in the city that will host the Summer Olympics in 2016. The Olympic Village is being planned to be built in a highly valuable real estate area of the city known as Barra da Tijuca. In this neighborhood also sits the abandoned Terra Encantada amusement park.

    Terra Encatada, meaning Enchanted Village, opened in 1998, with a faux Main Street and Disneyland inspired castle. The leading attraction at the park was the 8 inversion Intamin looping sitdown coaster Monte Makaya. In June 2010, a 61 year old lady fell to her death on a park ride. The park closed afterward.

    According to a source a developer is planning to redevelop the site with hotels, hospitals, and residential buildings. The rides would be sold and relocated.

    For more information and pictures please visit: Huffington Post
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    1. Antoine -
      I really think there was more to the story on why this park closed. As tragic as that accident may have been, it doesn't seem like grounds to close. They probably had a history of problems with the park. I know one thing for sure is that the 8 inversion Intamin won't be missed.
    1. Leo C -
      Probably sparse attendance.

      That coaster needs to stay on that continent. It's not worth the money to ship it elsewhere. Maybe Beto Carrero World could save another coaster. I'm glad SFGADV got Chang. The Intamin has a layout that fits in a rectangle, like most Vekoma inverting coasters. Hersheypark could have got this layout but the Fahrenheit layout they got is turns tighter in a generally rectangular land plot. The layout is a dissapointment compared to what B&M creates. It was probably created to compete with Arrow megaloopers.
    1. Leo C -

      Even if it stayed in the '16 Rio Olympics Village the proposed launch coaster for the '14 Sochi Winter Games, a likely Blue Fire clone, appears like a better ride.