• Great Adventure unleashes King Cobra intentionally

    On July 24, Six Flags Great Adventure released a deadly snake into its midst. No, I don't mean an actual king cobra. The newest addition to its waterpark stands tall at 50 feet high and a very menacing look of black, white and red scales with some serious fangs spilling out water instead of venom.

    The speed of 32 mph gets riders even more thirsty for thrills. The final drop of the ride is a staggering 51 degrees. That's pretty steep for a water slide.

    The ride was made by Polin Waterparks and Pool Systems based in Istanbul, Turkey.

    For more information about the new waterslide, please see the Six Flags website.
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    1. Leo C -
      It's their first installation in this country. The slide has a divider down the middle of the slide so two sides of riders could go up the ramp at the same time.