• Not your average Cedar Point trip

    Most of our readers are what the industry calls “coaster enthusiasts”. We pretend to know all the facts, spiels, ins and outs of the industry, etc. For this particular special feature, I decided which is the BEST way to review a park? Through the eyes of the child(ren). My husband and I have been waiting a long time to take our oldest son and oldest nephew to Cedar Point. We wanted to wait until they were tall enough to ride everything in the park. They are just at that age that they like a lot of things, but they are very honest with their opinions. A few months back our Editor in Chief Rick, wrote about a day at Carowinds with his son Jeffrey. You can check that out here.

    Let me give you a little bit of background on us so you can get an idea of where the boys have been previously. Matt is 11( )and has traveled with us to Kings Island, Holiday World, Six Flags Kentucky, Kennywood, etc. He’s been on about 35 coasters before going to Cedar Point.

    Keegan () will be 10 and has only been to Waldameer. They are pretty new to the world so their perspective is quite fresh, unique and truly un-biased.

    We started our day off at 8am and left our hometown and took the trek to Cedar Point. We had an easy drive, good tunes and a good breakfast. We got to the park at just after opening and picked up our tickets courtesy of the park. We got into the park and the boys really wanted to ride Disaster Transport first. It didn’t open until 11am, so we convinced them to ride Wicked Twister. They both really enjoyed the ride. (I’ll give you their full responses later on in the feature, as I interviewed them both.) We then headed to MaXair and waited about 15 minutes to get on. (Pet peeve to be inserted later by the enthusiast.)

    We went to get on Disaster Transport finally (after a short 15 minute wait) and the boys LOVED it. They thought it was the coolest thing to ride a coaster in the dark. We decided to try and hit up Raptor since it was in the front of the park. That was a big mistake. The queue line ended up being two hours long. No thanks. It did dwindle down later, but it wasn’t on our list of “must rides”. Normally we’d have made them ride everything, but the crowds were really preventing that today.

    We walked back to Corkscrew since our nephew Keegan had never been “upside down” on a coaster before. The group got on and the boys enjoyed the ride. They said it was OK. We then convinced them that it was now or never. Top Thrill Dragster was looming right there and if they rode that, everything else in the park would be CAKE. They were in line and what do you know, it broke down. I call it BIS which is short for “Broken Intamin Syndrome.” They ended up getting out of line after 45 minutes and decided to wait for another day to try it. In all fairness, the ride did go back up for most of the day, but the queue ended up being almost 90 minutes and we needed to ride more quality than quantity at that point.

    We took off out of the park to eat our picnic lunch and decided to hit up Soak City for the afternoon. The boys thoroughly enjoyed being able to wander around alone and get in the action river, wave pool, play structure and the pools with basketball hoops. Let me just interject here and say I favored the action river as quite relaxing after a hot morning/afternoon in the park. Too bad I didn’t find out about the swim-up bar until after we were packed up and ready to go back into the park. (Insert frowny face here.)

    We got back into the park and headed for Dinosaurs Alive! It was one of our main reasons to come as we wanted to get the perspective of their point of view as it is really geared for kids their age. We walked through and took pictures. One of the dinosaurs caught our son off guard. To me it was quite amusing but effective. The whole area is nicely done. They thought it was cool, but they really didn’t pay attention to the signs. They were a look and awe kind of kiddos. I tell you it would really get the boys going if they had the T-Rex stomping around a little bit. Oh and the boys were highly disappointed about them having no Velociraptors in the exhibit.

    We ended the day out with rides on Magnum (at night), Maverick after a 90 minute queue time, Gemini, Windseeker (at night) and one final ride on Disaster Transport (R.I.P.).

    So now, what you all have been waiting for after all of this rambling. I give you the opinions of two kids with their first trip to Cedar Point!

    When you first saw Cedar Point; what did you think?
    Keegan: This is going to be the best day ever!
    Matt: This is the craziest amusement park ever!

    What did you think of MaXair?
    Matt: Awesome!
    Keegan: I liked the spinning, being upside down while I was floating in my seat and it was awesome!

    What about Wicked Twister?
    Keegan: The launch was really cool. I like how it twisted up the swirls and it felt “SUPERSONIC” fast!
    Matt: It was so wicked! The launch was epic!

    Ok, so what did you think about Disaster Transport?
    Matt: I really liked the theme in the ride and I liked that it was really dark.
    Keegan: I liked it cause it was totally dark and the sudden turns it made.

    How was Corkscrew?
    Keegan: I liked going upside down. I didn’t like the head banging though.
    Matt: I liked the loop and corkscrews. It made my stomach feel funny though.

    Keegan, you aren’t afraid of heights how did you like Windseeker?
    Keegan: It was really cool. You can practically see Cleveland in the distance. It was calm, the music was awesome and I like how the swings flexed out.

    It seemed like Gemini was one of your favorites. Why?
    Keegan: I liked the hand slapping I did with Uncle Jeff and the sharp curve at the end and the airtime I got.
    Matt: I like that it raced around, the colors and the airtime I got. It was pretty smooth.

    8. So, what did you guys think about Mean Streak?
    Matt: I really liked the drop and turns but it was too shaky for me.
    Keegan: I didn’t like it at all. It kept jarring me, my head kept hitting the back of the car, but the drop was OK.

    So, after riding Maverick, what did you think about it?
    Keegan: I LOVED MAVERICK! I like the corkscrews and the launch into the tunnel. I really liked the water part too.
    Matt: It was too intense for me. I didn’t like the first drop, but I liked the corkscrews. I didn’t like the head hanging that it had.

    What did you two think about riding Magnum at night?
    Matt: Magnum was so awesome. I loved the tunnels and the airtime. It’s my favorite ride. It was kinda scary at night, but so awesome.
    Keegan: I loved the tunnels, turnaround the weird trains and the lapbars.

    So were you nervous to get on Dragster?
    Keegan: Nah, I was ready for it. Kinda mad it broke down though.
    Matt: Yeah I didn’t feel so good getting ready to ride.

    We walked through Frontier Trail in the evening, did you like it?
    Matt: The lights were pretty. It looked old, like from the 50’s! (His quote not mine, had to share!)
    Keegan: Meh, it was OK. Sorta liked the lights.

    Ok, so what did you really think about Dinosaurs Alive?
    Keegan: I thought the dinos were cool. Wished they moved and I didn’t like that they didn’t have Raptors. They are my favorite.
    Matt: That one dinosaur scared me and I didn’t really like the rest of it.

    So if you had the chance to do it again, would you (Dinosaurs Alive)?
    Matt: Maybe. I don’t know.
    Keegan: Only if they got Raptors. It’s not as cool.

    What did you like about Soak City?
    Keegan: I liked the pool with the basketball hoops and Dragster H2O. That was fun. It’s kinda like Kalahari but outside.
    Matt: I liked all the slides and Dragster H2O. The action river was awesome. I didn’t like the wave pool though. I almost drowned! (He didn’t really, he added that for dramatic effect!)

    So what did you like and NOT like at Cedar Point?
    Matt: The long lines, I don’t like Mean Streak! I think the lift hill on Corkscrew was kinda lame. And it was really fun. (the park itself)
    Keegan: I liked riding in the Skyride to see all the coasters running, I didn’t like that I had to wait in line for a long time and I was disappointed to not ride Dragster.

    So it seems like they enjoyed their visit and want to come back to ride the rest of the rides soon.

    On a side note, has anyone had this ever happen in a water park? My husband was riding one of the racing slides and the grips used at the end of the slide so that people don't slip when getting up, scraped up his feet pretty bad? Has this happened to anyone else before? He's pretty tall, so I am wondering if that was a factor.

    I did want to throw in a bit of closing information. I thought Dinosaurs Alive was pretty neat. As an adult I can see why they did it, but I didn’t like that it was an upcharge. I did however, like that they had a souvenir cup with all day refills for a reasonable price. It came in handy and is a smart deal. I was none too thrilled with a ride operator on MaXair. I am a girl with a decent sized chest and sometimes have a hard time with over the shoulder restraints. I am smart and try the test seat before getting in a line. It’s a waste of my time not to do so. Well the test seat was fine. I waited in line, got in and the green light wouldn’t light. The girl said “There’s nothing I can do, you can’t ride,” and walked away. I wasn’t happy. I get that it’s a safety reason and for that I am not mad, but when it lights up on the test seat and not on the ride, it seems to be a big problem. And I have heard a lot of those complaints over the years about Cedar Point. It was a big letdown for me and the ride operator could have been a little nicer about it. Smiles really do go a long way.

    We stayed from open to close and we were thrilled to take the two kids with us. They had a fantastic day and they can’t wait to come back and finish riding the rest of the coasters. Hope you enjoyed reading!

    A big shout out goes out to Bryan Edwards and Nkechi Ukazim for getting us the tickets to come out and have fun. It is greatly appreciated.

    You can check out the rest of my pictures on my Facebook page.
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    1. Steven -
      I like reading the unique POV. Too many trip reports by us enthusiasts, sometimes beating the same experience to death.
    1. Rick B -
      It was interesting to see Cedar Point from a different perspective.
    1. coasterlove -
      Any idea why there were what seems to be such long lines? This was a weekday trip, right? Any time of year when I've gone during the week, especially if it's not a year for a new major ride, lines weren't very long generally. I've usually never waited much more than an hour for MF, TTD or Maverick and often times less. Raptor was usually under one hour. I hope I have better luck when I visit next month.
    1. Katie -
      I have no idea. The weather was EXTREMELY nice. We thought going on a Tuesday would eliminate the ride queue problem, but I am assuming that everyone else thought the same thing.