• Superman: Ultimate Flight coaster stuck for 2 hours

    Sunday afternoon, a train of the new Superman Ultimate Flight launch coaster at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, CA got stuck at the highest part of the ride 150 feet in the air.

    The two car train full of riders became stuck at the apex completely upright at around 2:30pm for two hours on Sunday. The train had just cleared the first 150 foot tower of the course. The section of flat track the train sat on was before the inline twist that the train would typically cycle through at very low speeds.

    Around 3:15pm a mobile crane with a hanging bucket was brought to the scene. Park Maintenance and firefighters were lifted by the crane to tend to the stranded riders. The ride mechanic at first tried to push the ride train to proceed again through the course. That attempt had failed. When the park mechanic reset the ride the train resumed backwards through the course and into the station to unload the passengers safely.

    None of the stranded riders were injured or required medical attention.

    It is unclear what caused the ride to stall but it will be subject to a thorough safety inspection before it can reopen to the public.

    The Superman LSM launched coaster had just opened to the public in late June at Discovery Kingdom on the former location of the Pandemonium and Zonga portable roller coasters. Though having just a total length of 863 feet the Premier designed roller coaster launches from 0-62mph up a 150 foot tower to negotiate an inline twist inversion and a non-inverting loop element along the course.

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    1. coasterlove -
      I thought this "wasn't" news.
    1. Leo C -
      Yeah I was getting tired of coaster stalls. I heard Stinger just valleyed.

      This Premier is engineered just like CHILLER. The Robin side would get stuck on the hill entering the inline rolls. Sometimes a part of the train would be stuck in a bank.
    1. Coug -
      Hats off to the mechanic that figured it out. They're claiming nothing mechanical was wrong with the ride that it was "just a fluke" in another article. Roller coasters sometimes just lose momentum and stop, .