• Highest swing tower in the world approved for Six Flags New England

    The Zoning Board of Appeals in Awagam, MA on Monday had unanimously approved to issue a permit to Six Flags New England to build the world's tallest swing tower for the park next season.

    The amusement park would like to build a world record 385 foot version of a Star Flyer swing tower. It would replace the park's Skycoaster upcharge attraction on the North End of the park by Blizzard River and Cyclone.

    To ensure a competitor would not try to top Six Flags so quickly the park has gained permission to build up to 410 feet. A special permit was needed for the project because the proposed structure was over 200 feet tall.

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    1. Katie -
      Holy cow, 410 feet? Oh heck no for me! I couldn't handle that height! It will be a great addition for the park though!
    1. Coug -
      Hope they plan on buying a 410 foot tall cherry picker to go along with that ride.
    1. Leo C -
      SkyScreamer at SFGADV doesn't have a freefall effect during its cycle.

      There is a possibility another park in the chain could get the same swing with matching stats.

      Will the Steel Pier in NJ match those stats now for their future Star Flyer?
    1. Leo C -
      This is what one at 383 ft looks like:


      It should be green just like this model.