• Flashback and Texas Chute out to close at Six Flags Over Texas

    Today Six Flags over Texas in Arlington, TX announced via their website two larger attractions will close Labor Day Weekend.

    The Flashback roller coaster and the neighboring Texas Chute Out parachute drop ride will be removed from the park at the end of this season. Six Flags over Texas is inviting riders to get their final rides on the two attractions.

    Texas Chute Out was installed in the park in 1976. It is an Intamin parachute drop based on the red Coney Island parachute drop model. More than 29 million riders have dropped the 200 feet on the ride. The ride originally had baskets which were replaced in the 1994 by chairs. Riders young and old have enjoyed the view the ride offered.

    Flashback is a Vekoma boomerang coaster that was installed in 1989. It allowed 17 million riders over its seasons at the park to go forward and reverse through its three inversion boomerang course.

    The last day for both attractions at Six Flags Over Texas is Monday, September 3.

    For more information please visit: Six Flags
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    1. Leo C -
      I hope Flashback doesn't go to SFSTL. It would be like Carowinds receiving Carolina Cobra. I would hope a new train is included if it happens. I wouldn't be quite thrilled to see a the Vekoma Ninja and this ride possibly near each other at SFSTL.

      The SFGADV Parachute Drop would be the only one left in the chain. I believe it was relocated to the park from SFOMA (what SFSTL was back then).
    1. The Skooter Guy -
      Flashback is likely to be sold & relocated to a different park.
    1. Leo C -
      Can a X-Flight clone fit in that corner of the park? The Great Gasp leaving SFOG produced Goliath.
    1. Byron -
      I won't miss Flashback at all, but I'm sad to see Chute Out go. That being said, along with the unused bumper car building and the abandoned strip mall at the corner of Six Flags Dr. and Copeland Rd., the removal of these two rides actually opens up a good sized chunk of land. Whether or not they're planning on using all of it is anyone's guess, though.
    1. Leo C -
      Coming from New Jersey with SFGADV buffered with all those trees I was surprised when I first came to SFOT and discovered that strip mall right there. It has to go down. It was the same situation when I went to visit the grassy field that once was Astroworld: I was surprised a Chevy dealership was right next to the former site of the Texas Cyclone on the corner.

      I brought it to the attention of a SFGADV fan site that the Chute Out was closing. We discussed the possibility that we would have the only one left in the chain and get the spare parts. Our Parachute Drop was just repainted a rainbow color 2 seasons ago. The SFGADV park president seems persistent to not let anymore attractions for now leave SFGADV and to build our collection up again.

      I'm open to the idea of a small twister wooden coaster for that area as well.
    1. Leo C -
      There she goes!

      Texas Chute Out implosion