• DreamWorks theme park planned at stalled NJ mall

    Shrek might find a home in the swamps of northern New Jersey.The Hollywood studio that created the green ogre and the wisecracking zoo animals of "Madagascar" announced Wednesday it had agreed ...

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    1. Wes -
      I guess anything is possible. Charlotte's abandoned Eastland Mall looks to be converted into a movie studio.

      That's been a crazy saga. Charlotte had a failed new mall, but it never got off the ground so at least we just have an empty field to look at not an ugly building. Here's hoping it can be a success.

      And how horrible is the New Meadowlands? Horrible looking stadium.
    1. Leo C -
      I'm glad the American Dreams Mall has a theme now for their proposed amusement park addition. May the Giants and Jets stay out of it. They still tout "New York" on their helmets when they play in New Jersey. I heard they get some good breaks too.

      This mall has been at least bout 2/3rds done since the Recession had hit. This ugly checkered place with the indoor ski slope next to the old IZOD Center is there. I've never been to the new developer's other malls but if an amusement park is part of those other properties I would love it here. It may give me my best chance to see a Gerstlauer Eurofighter in NJ.

      The mall in unnecessary in this age but the original developers already got this far with it. They might as well finish it. The 2014 Super Bowl in New Jersey was supposed to be a reason for this mall to push over the hill and finally open.
    1. Wes -
      It looks like they just built it out in the middle of a parking lot with nothing around it. Charlotte tried that with the Hornet's arena, and eventually imploded it after they moved back downtown for the Bobcats arena.