• Universal Hollywood announces Terror Tram for HHN

    The newest press release has come in for Universal Hollywood. We knew the Walking Dead would be coming to Universal, but we just didn't know how terrifying it might be. So, Universal Studios Hollywood presents: Terror Tram: Invaded by the Walking Dead".

    While the maze, "Walking Dead: Dead Inside" maze will also be debuting, nothing says more awesome than more flesh eating zombies while riding the tram! The terror tram that is!

    This experience will bring the "Walking Dead" to a whole new level of a group of zombies ready to attack you while you ride the famous tram ride.

    For more information, please see Universal's Youtube channel as well as their Facebook page.
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    1. coasterlove -
      I love zombies. The world needs more zombies. It's pretty cool seeing a lot of parks doing zombies inspired events such as the Apocolypse debut at Six Flags America or the event at Six Flags Great Adventure.
    1. Brian H -
      You love zombies? I'm not heading to your place for a zombie apocolypse.