• Dolly Parton's water and snow park in Nashville on hold

    While in town Friday to celebrate her latest album going gold, Dolly Parton let it slip that the proposed Nashville water and snow park has been put on hold.

    Parton cited Gaylord's preoccupation with its recently agreed upon deal with Marriott, in which Marriott will manage Gaylord's hotel properties, including its flagship Opryland hotel. Because of that deal, the plans have been on hold. Parton hopes that the park deal will work out.

    The park was announced earlier this year, and is a joint venture between Gaylord and Dollywood.

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    1. Katie -
      That's a bummer. Isn't that particular area lacking with an indoor type park like this?
    1. Steven -
      It's not indoor... it's all outdoor. This is supposed to be a year-round park that does water in the summer, snow in the winter.
    1. Katie -
      Oh gotcha, sorry!