• Perilous Plunge to be shut down after Labor Day

    Perilous Plunge is about to have its last riders this season. The park, Knott's Berry Farm, has decided to shut down the ride after Labor Day 2012. The ride has been operating since September of 2000, giving it roughly 12 years of service.

    The ride has been plagued with problems including the death of a woman in 2001 when the restraints failed to keep her in the seat. The state then required extensive fixes for the ride including a four point harness to keep riders more restrained.

    In 2006 the original boats for the ride were retired and new boats were put into place with the harder over the shoulder restraints.

    The last day of operation will be September 3rd, 2012.

    For more information about this closure, please see the OCRegister.
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    1. Antoine -
      Sooooooooooooo not cool! This ride has always eluded me. The first time I went to Knott's, the line was unbelievably long and they were only running one boat. So I avoided it. The second time I went to Knott's, Perilous wasn't running at all. Now I miss the opportunity to ever ride it. Such a young ride too, but once again another Intamin that doesn't last very long.
    1. The Skooter Guy -
      Intamin only made 2 giant flumes including this & Hydro: Water's Revenge. I hope the company isn't going to be dead in a few years. Perhaps one day we might even see 'The Rise & Fall of Intamin' on videotape.
    1. Antoine -
      You just never know. If you look at 2011-2013 roller coaster orders between Intamin and B&M, B&M has quite a few more. And Intamin has been around for much longer too. It is no secret that Intamin has had their fair share of problems with a lot of their rides too. So I would not be surprised if amusement parks start to shy away from what they have to offer. Just this year alone B&M built 6 new roller coasters and then had another relocated. All were different rides too. None of them were clones. Intamin on the other hand built 4 new rides. However, one of them was a water coaster and the other is a clone. And a terrible clone at that! Who knows what the future holds for them. IMO, I have not been too impressed with Intamin lately at all either.