• Drive thru safari to end at Six Flags in New Jersey

    Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ announced Monday the Wild Safari park at its complex will close a month early and in the future will no longer allow drive through automobile visitors.

    The park announced September 30th the Wild Safari section of the New Jersey complex will close. A majority of the traditional visitors to the Wild Safari park drive their own vehicles through various habitats in the park to view the various animals species on display. In recent years the park has offered guests an additional bus service to view the animals at the Safari.

    Six Flags stated the animals will stay at the park but will not expand on the details of the park's future until August 30, when the 2013 season plans for all Six Flags parks will be announced.

    Six Flags Wild Safari opened in 1974 and has recorded more than 10 million drive thru visitors. It is home to 1,200 animals, which include giraffes, elephants, rhinos, and lions. At 350 acres the Safari is larger than the Great Adventure amusement park and Hurricane Harbor waterpark next door. Overall the properties in New Jersey comprise the largest Six Flags complex in the country.

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    1. Leo C -
      I'll never forget hearing about the baboons going after convertible tops because of the banana extract in it.

      I haven't been to the Wild Safari in at least 5 years. It's nice to go through every once in a while. It's nice we've had it in New Jersey. I look forward to see how the experience will evolve.

      Going through the Wild Safari is just as much a rite of passage to the New Jersey resident as going to Great Adventure. That's part of being Jersey.

      I have a Kings Dominion Lion Country coffee mug. That's a defunct park. Our park in NJ is not going defunct. I don't want it to go that way.
    1. Wes -
      Maybe a wing coaster over their habitats? lol
    1. Leo C -
      Wild Safari is a huge chunk of land compared to SFGADV the park itself.

      I'm guessing they're using park provided buses. I guess they'll park in the main theme park parking lot? We'll see soon.
    1. Antoine -
      This is interesting here. That is an awful lot of land to be used towards the amusement park itself. I wonder if maybe they plan to expand the golden kingdom area and maybe incorporate the animals into there. Or will the safari stay the same and just offer bus service. Either way the possibilities are endless. If they close the safari completely and put the animals into the park itself like SFDK, you are talking about a huge plot of land that can fit anything into it.
    1. hawkman -
      They said the animals are staying so it will probally be a zoo type park