• Faarup Sommerland announces Orkanen

    Orkanen, or Hurricane in English, is set to debut in 2013 at the Dutch based park. The ride, a Vekoma Junior Suspended coaster, will be the longest suspended coaster at 453 meters (which is roughly 1487 feet long). The ride will roughly be about 75km in speed which translates to about 46mph.

    For more information about this ride, please see Faarup Sommerland's official page for Orkanen.
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    1. Leo C -
      The Flying Aces clones, Swamp Thing at the Cedar Fair and Wild Adventures parks are okay models. Vekomas are better when they don't engage in inversions.
    1. Wes -
      The video is incredible for a Jr. invert. Plus it just has the lap bars.
    1. Leo C -
      The tunnel looks pretty cool. I don't think the Fun Spot Orlando Vekoma will have that.