• Killer whale Shouka moves to San Diego

    Quietly over the weekend Six Flags Discovery Kingdom moved their killer whale Shouka from the Vallejo, CA park to a new home at SeaWorld San Diego.

    On Monday morning, a large blue container on a flatbed tractor trailer carried the new resident to SeaWorld San Diego from the airport to its new home. The whale arrived in a foam padded conainer held in a sling so she would not move around during flight. The container filled with thousands of gallons of water weighed 38,000 pounds.

    Shouka is a 19-year-old female orca. Six Flags was hopeful over the years to find a killer whale companion for Shouka but was unsuccessful. At Discovery Kingdom Shouka had the companionship of a bottled nose dolphin until recently when the dolphin was placed in another tank. Veterinarians hope Shouka will find a companion among the whales at SeaWorld San Diego.

    SeaWorld representatives said they plan to have Shouka perform at the park in San Diego but would not mention when that would start.

    For more information please visit: NBC 7 San Diego
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    1. Leo C -
      When I went to the park it was still called Six Flags Marine World. I visited without knowing very much about Shouka at first. Watching Shouka's show at the aquatic stadium I thought was one of the most magical, unique moments I ever had at a Six Flags park. My sister was with me on the trip. When I mention Shouka she knows who I'm talking about. Afterwards we walked through the butterfly gardens, rode the Vekoma boomerang and Huss Topspin. The visit sort of went downhill afterwards until we rode Medusa.

      I know SFDK will miss their headliner. Shouka was a main definition of the water wildlife at that park. It's a shame they could not find a companion for the whale. With the real negative press Marineworld in Canada has been receiving I'm glad Shouka didn't go there either.

      In recent days Six Flags has made some major decisions for their two locations with wildlife: Wild Safari in NJ and this park. They're making big changes for 2013. We'll see August 30th where they are going with these properties.
    1. hawkman -
      She used to be at Six Flags Wolrds of Adventure