• A strong Undertow is coming to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

    Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is getting a strong "Undertow" coming to the beach in 2013. The $5.5 million ride will be spinning like crazy.

    The project is being done by Maurer Shone and will be 1,410 feet long with speeds of 40mph. The top height of the ride will be 50 feet and the ride will have about 900pph (people per hour).

    For more information about this ride, please see Santa Cruz's official website.
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    1. Leo C -
      Don't be fooled that oh it's another portable layout coaster. Santa Cruz goes from a Hurricane model to a spinning wild mouse. I rode this same layout on Steel Dragon at Waldameer and its clone Whirlwind at Seabreeze on the same trip. I was pleasantly surprised. After riding regular wild mouse and spinning coasters with the hairpin turns I do welcome the wider longer dipping first drops of this layout. The U-turn, vert ramp kind of turn is actually pretty good. Alton Towers has this element on their slightly different spinner coaster by the same company that first got my attention. It's better than the general same element performed on Mystery Mine at Dollywood. I dogged the surf curves at the end of this layout before but if I had a choice I'd pick this model up. It's a sophisticated spinning coaster layout.

      Great choice Santa Cruz. It doesn't need the train Sierra Sidewinder at Knotts has but the layout will compete with it. If SFMM ever gets a Gerstlauer spinning mouse this will compete well with it as well.